Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Practice Bear

I made this sweet little bear at Build-A-Bear about 8 years ago and named her Lolita! Never would I have thought that I would be practicing with her getting ready for my baby. And Luke has really gotten into it! He took the bulk of these pics!
Here's Lolita in the carseat Lolita in the highchair Lolita in the bath tub Lolita on the changing table Lolita in the bouncy seat And finally, Lolita in the crib!
Except, that one doesn't need too much practice. What fun! Except, baby will be bigger than Lolita. And Luke's really the one who needed the most practice with taking all those belts and buckles apart!! He's almost ready.

P.S. Luke went CRAZY making sure all the pictures were facing the right direction in this blog. That's how much he got into it!!!

Back to Greenville

This weekend, we took a one day trip back to our college town. What fun! A co-worker and friend, Heidi, had a bridal shower with all the ladies of the church. Princess for a day!!! What a great time for me to see all those ladies again. They were my family while I was in college and just after when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I hadn't seen them in some time and they were all floored when they saw my big pregnant belly!!!

And, we couldn't go to Greenville without seeing our great friends, the Barclays and their sweet little Ella! Here's Luke trying to figure out how to turn Ella around. He's saying, "Ooohhh, please don't drop her!" And me, with Ella, though holding babies with my baby belly is alot harder than I thought. And mom and dad, watching little Ella go surfing!!! So sweet, and we just can't wait to meet our son!!!

Another Craft!

Spring and Summer Wreath:
Becomes Fall Wreath!!!
I would've just bought another separate wreath to make, but I don't have room to store everything all the wreaths that are crawling around in my mind. So I just took the ivy and roses off, and put on the fall colors. I LOVE the fall!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

2 Years!!!

September 23, 2006
September 23, 2008!!! Happy Anniversary to us!!!!! We decided to celebrate by going to the Brazilian Steakhouse and it was YUMMY!!! Here's the guy bringing me chicken!
And another guy bringing Luke the Pineapple with cinnamon sprinkled on it.
It was a really fun restaurant. They had like 13 different types of meat for you to try. The best part of the night is when we went to pay and we were told that our bill had already beentaken care of. What a blessing!!!!! It was a great surprise and also really humbling because of God's provision for us.

And here are the beautiful flowers Luke brought me. I know they aren't roses or anything, but these are the ones that I love and the only flowers that I would ever want Luke to bring me. They were the flowers that were unexpectedly in my bridal bouquet and it was beautiful!!! I've loved these flowers ever since!!!
Happy Anniversary Honey!!!! I love you!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Pirates!!!

First of all, we are not talking about the HUGE upset that happened between ECU and NC State. As far as I'm concerned, it didn't happen ;). Seriously though, I almost cried. What in the WORLD happened!?!?!?! But like I said, we're NOT going to talk about it. As an aside, Luke wore a State shirt all day Saturday! What's that about?!?! I kept telling him, "Luke, you didn't even GO to State!!!" Maybe that's why we lost.

Baby Mehaffie will still know where his roots are and where mommy and daddy met!!! Check out this Pirate gear that I made for him!!!Two little onesies and some burp rags I made from fabric and towels. I don't think baby will know the difference, really, but hey, my blood runs purple and gold! ARRRRRR!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby's First Shower!

Luke and I just had our first shower and we had fun. Well, I guess I had fun because Luke actually left to have lunch with some of the other husbands! It was a great time to celebrate with friends this new exciting time in our lives and see God's provision for us through some of our friends. Here are two of my favorite things that baby boy got yesterday.

First, Jamie, the hostess, made baby this amazing blanket. She knit it all by hand!!! It was so amazing and truly a labor of love. She even carefully and very tediously knit in every single polka dot because she know how much I love polka dots. I almost cried when I saw it.

Next were these bumper pads for the crib. My amazing mother-in-law made these for us and baby, and were also a labor of love. She also made is the dust ruffle that coordinated perfectly. AND Luke's family gave us the mattress, mattress pad, and fitted sheet. Needless to say, our crib was complete! Here is the finished product and we are so excited. How amazing to think that in 10 weeks, our little boy will be living in that crib. We are so thankful for all our presents and God's provision for us. Check out the slideshow to see more shower pictures!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rockie & Andrea

Andrea and I have been best friends going on 9 years now. We met at ECU where she was my Bible Study leader and my discipler. Our friendship grew and grew over the years and God has used her in amazing ways in my life to bring me closer to Christ! We have seen each other grow and grow and also seen each other act like idiots! Here we are about 3 years ago, before either of us were married. Then I got married and about 10 months later she got married!!! We were in each other's weddings but were never the type to think or talk about how fun it would be to be pregnant together, but God had a different plan for us! Here we are now:

Andrea 32 Weeks (i know it's not a great pic, but the best one I've got!)

and Me at 29 WeeksYup, we are only 2 weeks apart. she's ahead. And we're both having boys!!!! The biggest bummer in this whole story is that, when she got married, she moved all the way to Arizona. So sad and happy all the same. So, we've not actually seen each other pregnant. But we talk often and exchange pictures often. We've already thought about what if she were alittle late and I was alittle early, our boys could be born at the same time!!!! YAY!!!! I miss my friend but am thankful because I know that she is very happy in Arizona with her husband.

Can't wait for Baby Benjamin and Baby Mehaffie to meet in March!!!!

Bridal Luncheon at Work

One of my co-workers, Heidi, is getting married in October so I organized a small luncheon for her at work. It helps that I only work with other women so everyone gets really into it. Here's Heidi! (on the very left is our boss, Lisa).The funny thing about Heidi is that I've actually known her for years. Her and her family went to the church that I attended in college, Christ Presbyterian. She went off to college and her parents told me about how she was majoring in recreational therapy just like me. Cool! Then, a position came open here I work. My supervisor told me that she had hired a rec therapist who went to UNC-G and was from Greenville. I thought, "hmmmm could that be Heidi?" and sure enough it was. How cool!!! Anywho, here are some pics from our luncheon. She really liked this platter. And so did the rest of us! And here she is cutting her cake!!! Here are some of the other ladies that I work with. Jamie, Michele and Missy!

Congratulations Heidi!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Bone To Pick.....And Some Family Time!

So first, my bone to pick. I was walking along BigLots last weekend looking for some thumb tacks, and what did my eyes see!! Three Christmas aisles!!! September. What's that about?!?! I couldn't take it! AND THEN! I was at Walmart, shopping for a plant for my sister. I was surprised that the garden area was so empty. I went to the cashier to ask why so few. He said, we're emptying it out because Christmas trees will be coming in the next two weeks. CHRISTMAS TREES????? I couldn't believe my ears. Who buys Christmas trees in September?!?!? What kind of Christmas tree will last from September to December!!!! I was so shocked and so sad. Christmas is just becoming less Christ and more retail. It makes me sad. Last year, they at least waited until after Halloween, but now.......geez! Oh well, in our home, and in our hearts, Christmas doesn't start until after Thanksgiving, and it will always stay that way!

On the family time note, my sister moved back from Arizona so we went to Greensboro yesterday to help her get settled in her new apartment. My grandmother came with her and I haven't seen her since our wedding two years ago. Here are the three of us: Wita, me, and Suzie. It was a fun time to be with them just serving her in anything she needed. It was also a good time of clarity for us to see with our eyes, God's blessing and provision for the things that she needed. The only thing was, the kids were with their father so we didn't get a chance to see them. But now that they are back in big NC, we will hopefully get to see them a whole lot more!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Third Trimester!!!

It's been a while since I've blogged. Just busy doing other things, but you know! Since the last post, I'VE ENTERED OUR THIRD TRIMESTER!!! The clock is ticking and we are so excited, though I feel that we're quite not ready yet. Anywho, here I am at 27 weeks (which was last week) with about 2 inches on the belly and 5 inches off the hair!!!
Last weekend, we got a pleasant surprise from an out of town friend, Melody Harrell. Her and Luke were friends all through high school and she's become a good friend of mine as well. Her husband wasn't able to make the visit so it was just her on the big red chair. And, of course, I've been busy about my projects. I've gotten a little bitty head start on Christmas. I saw this ornament somewhere and thought for sure I could make that! So, after 2 days of pins and sequins, here it is! Then there's the old sabana I talked about before: I chopped it all up, sewed on the bias tape, and here it is!! Looks much nicer and put together. I hope our little boy likes it. Good thing I wasn't a girlie girl when I was little. Though, I don't know why i chose jungle animals then, but hey, good thing I'm having a boy now!
And some more things for the nursery. I would put pics of the progressing nursery but it's still pretty messy trying to transition it! Here is a window I bought at a yard sale for $1. Amazing what some paint and Mod Podge will do! It will go on one of the walls. And the plaques I made for over the crib. Again, gotta love the mod podge!! The green isn't as neon as it looks here. It was our sons hymn on it. The hymn that we sing to our son is Great is Thy Faithfulness. It was the song that God gave Luke to sing to me the night I took the test because I was so anxious and it's the hymn that has brought comfort throughout our pregnancy. I decided to have it in the nursery as a testimony to God's faithfulness. Even though baby won't be able to read for years and years and years, it'll be a reminder for Luke and I everytime we go in the nursery. Here is a close-up. And finally, just because we love her... Our little MissyGirl!! We call her "the one" now but soon she'll become "the two"!

She's so sweet and cuddly!