Sunday, June 24, 2007

Watkin's Wedding

Last weekend we attended our second wedding of the summer. It was our good friend's (Luke's Best friend) Drew's wedding. He was married to beautiful Jaime and the wedding was really nice. So simple and sooo gorgeous. Here's the happy couple the night before the wedding and just after the wedding.

We had a great time! Luke was a groomsmen and my friend Anna and I got to be behind the scenes helpers by opening the doors for the Bridal Processional and setting up all the trays in the reception hall. It was great fun. Here's Luke and Patrick, the two groomsmen and Anna and I, the two helper. Anna and Patrick are married and are brother and sister-in-law to Drew.

Overall it was a great fun weekend! The trip back was great too. We were planning on spending a day in DC on the way back down from Maryland but we were so tired and ready to be home that we just drove through it. We got some quick pictures from the car. The worst part of the weekend was a horrible accident that we witnessed. First thing we know, we're watching/listenign to Harry Potter in the car and the next thing, Luke's asking a girl if she's alive and I'm blocking off traffic. IT was surreal. Luckily, the girl was alive but the guy who clipped her as he cut her off just took off. Please pray for her and the person that did this to her. We finally arrived safely back at home happy to be alive and ready for some rest. Hopefully, this week won't be crazy as our last week.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Best Date, To Date.

So, Saturday night was one of the best date night's Rockie and I have had to date (get date to date...shuttup). Here is what it contained:

1-Our own private balcony (which is pretty much our front/back yard)
2-White overhead Christmas lights (we call them "stars")
3-Covered card table with candles
4-Cool evening breeze
5-The Cheese. Fact. (take out)-R: Pasta Da Vinci -L: Chicken and Biscuits
6-Michael Buble (boob-lay) on the boom box (boom bahks)
7-Limited dance space (slow dancin time!)

So, it was very quiet and peaceful, except for the occasional car honk (b/c they were just jealous of us), but we had a great time being in love with eachother. Aside from the food, it was really affordable to have a dinner date like that in our own home (no tip$!). We would highly recommend everyone try it. Sorry for those who are more visual, we didn't take any pictures.