Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craving Fulfilled!

Since day 1 of this pregnancy, I think, I've craved a donut almost EVERYDAY!!! This craving has remained unfulfilled because:

#1- usually crave it at about 10 at night when there's no donut places open
#2- we don't really live near any donut places and
#3- I shouldn't be eating a donut that late anyway

Well, FINALLY!! a trip to Dunkin Donuts! I could've eaten a whole dozen of these BY MYSELF, I'm sure, but I had some self-control and only ate 1!

Here's me at 29 weeks. Still feeling great. I just LOVE being pregnant!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Fun things were happening here at the Mehaffie's this weekend. Biggest news, well, I'll let the picture speak for itself:
Yup, we got Isaac in his big boy bed in his big boy room (pay no attention to the lack of decor, we're just glad we got it cleaned out). He was super tired after a fun time at a birthday party so we thought it would be a great time to start. The nap went great but night time was alittle harder. But he did it!!! Although the pic looks bright, it was pitch black in there. And here's what we found in the morning. Sweet little man, waiting patiently for us to get him while reading his Bible. These pics were actually of the second night. We read Joshua 1:9 to him telling him that God commands us to be strong and brave because God is always with us. So he didn't have to be afraid being in a different bed. We then promised him that we would be there to get him in the morning and assured him that God would keep him safe. God was very gracious to him and us because in one night we went from 20 min. crazy crying to 2 min. minimal whining before he was asleep. Thank the Lord for his grace! Luke and I went into the nursery afterward to talk about baby #2 and that's when it hit me, when I saw the empty crib, my little IsaacBoy isn't in that crib anymore, and (hopefully) will not be in it again. And why, because baby brother needs it now. Oh goodness. Single Tear.

Then Father's Day. Luke is such a great dad. And Isaac loves him very much. You can tell because when Luke's not around, Isaac goes around looking for him, and when Luke comes home from work, it's DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY over and over again until he gets a hug, followed by a joyful run around the kitchen then right back to Daddy!! Here's a picture of Isaac's present to Luke. Isaac is saying cheese though he doesn't smile yet!
I love this next one because it's like Isaac is showing Luke what he made. "....then after we squeezed the glue, mami helped me put these little red squares everywhere....."
Luke was very appreciative and said he will hang this picture with pride at work. And oh yeah, for lunch, all Luke wanted was Hamburger Helper! YUCK! I try to keep this out of the house unless Luke sneaks it in. But, for Father's Day, why not, right?!

P.S. Check out my CRAFT BLOG for details on the picture frame for dad.

Friday, June 11, 2010


We haven't been up to anything super amazing here in the Mehaffie home but sometimes the day to day can be pretty amazing too! Here are some pics of what this amazing ordinary has been for us lately.

This is our completed patio. The grass is growing, we got our outdoor dining set, an umbrella and pool for The Boy. We're out here as much as we can be. And here's a good summation of what Saturday afternoon was like for us. Pruney little feet and a fun time in the pool with daddy.
This next one shows one of my favorite ordinary amazing things. Isaac and Luke love laying in the hammock together and they love pointing at things together. My heart is melting.
And here are a few pics of our 1 and 1/2 children that Luke took while experimenting with the camera.

And last of the amazing ordinary, the belly at 27 weeks. This one is my favorite because Isaac ran up right at the last second to give me a big hug, without me even asking! It's one of those "I think he really loves me" moments and I can't get enough of them! and just for fun, here's me at 27 weeks with Isaac just for comparison. Not too much of a difference I don't think.
So though I feel like my life is pretty boring sometimes, it's stuff like this that brings joy to my heart and makes me so thankful to God for our home and my family!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Growing Boy

Isaac sitting on the potty reading his "boble".....Bible.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Garden style that is! Here's what we recently did with a little plot we dug out in the front yard. Can you feel the ECU pride?!
And for the record, it was Luke's idea to get purple and yellow flowers, along with some others. In the back we planted gardenia, which really is a dream come true for me. I love love love the smell. As a "border" we planted loriape (sp?). The purple flowers in the middle are called garden phlox, and the yellow, well I can't remember the name. The real test will be to see if they come back next year, which we hope they will.

I love just sitting out there now smelling my gardenia. Here's one more picture of where it is in the front, and me all dirty. and more importantly, the ECU flag flying in the background!