Monday, August 27, 2012

At the Ballpark Again!!

We were at the Mudcats on Sunday afternoon. 

It was a beautiful day for a ball game.
 We even had this awesome Mudcats helmet that we got for free!!!
 Had to sneak one in of my handsome husband
 Me and my youngest. We don't have many pictures together.

 He made such sad face pictures each time. But he really was having a great time. Even jumping up and down and cheering "GO MUDCATS" with both fists in the air. A big difference from the two fingers in his ears the whole time at the last game.

 This one is so funny. It's so editorial.

 Guess what?!? I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!
Here's one of all the silly faces of Simon. Sweet boy!
After the game, all the kids got to run the bases. These are a little hard to see but you can click on it to see the bigger picture. Isaac, again, had a serious face, but he really was having a good time. 
Even Simon ran. He was HILARIOUS!! He would run, trot, then walk, all the while looking up at the other kids around him to know where he needed to go next. We got many comments on how cute he looked. He was probably the smallest one out there. 

 Simon likes to be the catcher.
 We even got to visit the dugout!
 Simon, of course, has to show his belly to the world! Notice Isaac looking at him....
 ...and decided he'd do it also.
 Then we got to meet Muddy the Mudcat!
 We were very pooped, but as usual, we had a really great time!!!

Friday is our last game of the summer. We're going with some great friends and enjoying some fireworks at the end of the game. Awesome!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pool Love

 I think next summer I'll take a picture of the boys every time we go to the pool. I love their little Mexi-skin that gets so dark and lovely and their confidence in the water is night and day from the start to the end of the summer. 

We have also been so extremely blessed this summer, not only to have punch passes to the city pool but also to have many friends invite us to their neighborhood pools.

Today it was my dear friend and mentor Susan that invited us to her pool. The boys just love that 2 1/2 ft deep because they can swim and float along, but not drown.

During one of the pool breaks, Susan busted out some Dominoes for Isaac. He hasn't played before but learned quickly. 
Meanwhile, Simon was completely entertained by these little wind-up tinker toys. 
 Then we were back in the pool again!
 Isaac has seriously gotten so brave and jumps in all on his own.
 And here Susan. She is an amazing godly woman and has taught me so much in the short year that I've known her. What a blessing she has been to my family.
They say the way to a mom's heart is through her children and Susan's deep love for my boys has brought her straight into my heart.

What a great summer it has been!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our True Home

Blogs in general can really give you a perception that people's lives are always just put together. I mean, when you do see pictures of kids in their major melt-down tantrums, right?!

So here's a little view of my not-so-together house. 

This is my toy box with everything taken out of it. How on earth did I let it get so bad in there?? and of course, Isaac and Simon never played because they couldn't get to anything! HA!
 So after hours of re-organizing and a trip to the Dollar Tree.....
...hopefully the boys will have more productive play :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame....Again!

Thanks to some awesome Living Social Deals this summer, we have been so blessed to go to 3 games so far this summer. We even have one left! 

Last night was our last Durham Bulls game. God has been so gracious to our family that we've gotten so much baseball gear for free. Isaac's helmet and both t-shirts were amazing gifts and we are so thankful for them!

 The Durham Ballpark is fun because it's in the warehouse district and has fun places for the kids to walk around. Though, I still prefer the Mudcats stadium better. 
Isaac stood like this and asked me to take a picture. I have no idea what he was doing!
 Right outside the ballpark and ready for some fun!! Even though Simon doesn't look so excited, he's actually just saying "cheeeeeeese"!
 I always get so teary and emotional when we go the ballgames. I just feel so thankful in my heart of hearts. Then turning over and seeing my sweet family multiplies my gratefulness to my Father 100fold.

 Thursdays are $1 dog nights! and we love hotdogs (and fries!)
 These next 3 pictures were taken by Isaac. It's funny to see what he caught..... his legs :)...
 ...and the mean sitting in front of us. He was really nice. Especially when Simon got ketchup on his shirt. oops!
 It was a great game and the Bulls got a lot of home runs, which means a lot of screaming for me and the bull got smokey and red-eyed. Kinda cool but kinda scary also...

 Then!! A very generous stranger saw Luke walking with the boys and gave us these hats!! I almost cried again thanking God for His tender love and care for our boys.

sometimes, when you have a stranger take a picture for you, you get a huge light glare in it......
If I haven't ever said it, I LOVE MY FAMILY! 

It was a late night for us and boy did we pay for it today, but it was sooooo so worth it!!! God reminded me so many times yesterday in big and tiny ways how much He values me and how he values my children and I was in tearful appreciation and thankfulness. 

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow"
"Every good and perfect gift is from above" 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Trip to Ohio

**Warning: there are a lot of wonderful pictures**

A few weeks ago, we got to go to Waynesville, Ohio for a family reunion with Luke's extended family. We hadn't been to Ohio since Isaac was a newborn and we missed it. Aunt Marilyn throws a big cookout every summer and thanks to her amazing generosity, we were able to make the drive up there. I hate it but I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Mostly only of two events, but they were great events.
The trip was so great. It was relaxing and fun. It was filled with to-do's and nothing to do. I just love getting to spend time with Gammie, Aunt Marilyn, aunt Charlene and so many other family members that we never get to see. We just soak up every minute we get to spend with them. 
We got to stay in a hotel which, if you ask Isaac about Ohio, the first thing he will tell you is that he got to sleep in a really cool bed in a hotel. I love that he's so easy to entertain. Just add a "COOL ISAAC!" to anything and he believes you that it's just that cool! 
One of my personal favorite moments of the whole trip was going antique shopping with Gammie, just the two of us. I had seen some old aprons hanging outside of one the shops and was excited to go see them. It was so neat to have here there with me. She probably used all that stuff in her kitchen that are now being called antiques. She helped me pick out two great aprons.

There were two things that were on the top of Luke's things to do in Ohio. One was buy some Mehaffie's pies, and go to the barber shop with the boys. And surprisingly, those are the only pictures we got.

 But first, a few historical things....
this little bird cage was so cute and so tempting to touch. It's been in Gammie's house for years. Luke says he remembers being disciplined for touching it when he was little, and now it's our kids that needed reminders.
 Gammie chose us to have this amazing gift. It's a handmade, framed Mehaffie's pie box made by the gentleman who designed the box top so many years ago.What a precious gift!! Gammie's husband, Melvin, and his mom started the bakery in the 1930s.
It even had a pencil written message on the back that reads, "To one of the most wonderful ladies God ever created. -Jim" We are truly honored that Gammie chose to pass this on to us.
 Here we are at the grocery store buying our pies. It's one of the few that sells them and the bakery was closed on Sunday. Sweet Gammie took our picture.
 Did you know that Isaac and Simon are Gammie's 11th and 13th GREAT grandchildren?!? She's so amazing!!
 It's so weird to see your last name on a grocery store label. And Gammie said that these pies used to be $.35. wow. We bought 3 to bring home.
 We loved this day in Ohio because it was a whole day with Gammie!!

 Next on Luke's list was getting the boys a haircut at the barber shop where Luke got his first haircut 30 years ago. Poor Isaac's hair was getting so long and in his eyes, but we were just waiting to get to Ohio. The same man still works there. Here's 2 year old Luke and Mr. Prickett.
And here's 3 year old Isaac and Mr Prickett, in the same chair, the exact same chair. As usual, by God's grace, Isaac was scared but brave.
 He had this serious look on his face the whole time. And didn't move a muscle. He did such a good job, though, being still, and very obedient.
 Grams and Grampa were also there. Mike went to middle school with Mr. Prickett and Sharon was getting a little emotional having flashbacks of when Luke was in that chair.
 A little thank you and a hand shake for my brave boy.
 Next was Simon and he was not so calm. He's more of a "scream on the outside" little boy (like his momma).

 He was even lunging out of the chair. Whoa!
 He finally calmed down. Mr. Prickett was so amazing and worked so amazingly fast! After all, he has been doing this for over 30 years!!
 Then the clippers came out and Mr. Prickett had to call for reinforcements! poor sweet Simon.
 All done. And a little handshake for him as well.
 They both got lollipops but we only gave Isaac's his. And as you can see, Simon is wondering where his is :)
 Oh my sweet boys. They each aged about a year with these haircuts. sad mami.

Waynesville is such a small little town. And we loved it. Here's a story that would never happen in Raleigh. At the barber shop, we saw a sweet little old man getting a haircut. The next morning at breakfast, we saw the same little sweet man at the restaurant  then again a few hours later walking around downtown. We saw him again at church the following morning, and again at lunch!!! At this point I just wanted to go introduce myself to him. Well, as it turns out, he lives on Aunt Marilyn's street. What! AND Gammie knows him and his wife by name. I shouldn't have been surprised. But, it still made me feel all warm inside. 

What an amazing little town, and what an amazing trip with family.