Thursday, December 27, 2007

I took the superhero test and it prooved true.

Your results:
You are The Flash
The Flash
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man

The Flash is my favorite superhero and Rockie's is Wonder Woman. We are not losers, we are just super superhero fans. When we were in college we used to watch "The Justice League" on cartoon network, and these were our "assigned characters"...if you don't know what this phrase means, ask me later. You can take the test here:

Friday, December 7, 2007

Missy Loves Christmas!!!

Or, maybe not. She really looks like a demon dog now.

"Get these bleep bleep antlers off of me!!!"

I think she likes it alittle better when Luke is holding her.
After all, he is the one who rescued her!!Those little booties actually have little bells on them. It made the whole experience that much more entertaining. We had a really funny video to post but it didn't work. Oh well.

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas Season has finally begun!!!!! We don't waste any time either. The Friday just after Thanksgiving is spent shopping for new decorations and of course, our Christmas Tree! Behold our beautiful Christmas Tree!!!Come along with me as I recall the journey of the Mehaffie Christmas Tree! Last year, while shopping at Food Lion, we noticed that the trees they had were beautiful and very well priced. We then decided that this would be the place we buy our tree from then on. So this year, their tree selection was even better and you just couldn't beat the price. We grabbed MissyGirl and took the LONG walk, across the street, to our neighborhood Food Lion.
As Luke inspected each tree carefully, they began to fall on him!!! Watch out for that treeeeee!!!Since the Food Lion is right across the street, why tie it to the top of the car when we can just carry it home!!! Run Luke Run!!!Phew! He made it halfway!! Look at the conquering hero!!!! A car whizzed by just after the picture was taken. But not to worry, the tree was just fine! HeHe!!

After we got it home, the next adventure was getting it on the stand. Last year was a HASSLE and this year was the same. We finally got it in and the next morning as we began to put the lights on, it quickly leaned and fell against the wall! ARGHHH!! We gave up and went out and bought a new more high tech stand and we were finally able to begin to decorate. Our tree is very tall so Luke had the honor of putting our star on the top, an honor he loves having. And the finishing touch, I put my Mexican Santa Claus on the tree for a touch of culture to it. We absolutely love the Christmas season and everything that comes with it. Each ornament has such special meaning to us and we love to reflect on where they came from, who gave them, and where we were in life. Luke has received an ornament every year from his Aunt Marilyn since he was born so it's neat for Luke to remember those Christmas times.

We hope you have as much fun decorating your trees! Merry Christmas!!!!