Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wedding Weekend Slideshow!

What A Weekend!!

This past weekend was Andrea's wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was. We traveled back to Greenville which is always fun for Luke and I. It reminds us of what it used to be like being such great friends at ECU and how blessed we are now to be married. It's always a reminder of God's sovereignty in our lives. We took a drive around campus and it has changed so much! It's almost just not even the same campus for us. Seeing the football stadium was the most fun for me because I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!! I really hope that I get to go to a game this season. GO ECU... WOO!

The wedding was really beautiful. Everything had Andrea's touch in it and we all had a really great time being together. It was also the fastest ceremony I think I've ever been in. It was 12 minutes, tops. But it was a good thing because the ONLY silver strappy shoes I could find were heals and my feet were KILLING me.

My best friend Pam and her boyfriend Ryan went to the wedding also and since they live in Charlotte, they needed a place to stay on Saturday night and we absolutley loved having them over. We kept saying what adults we all are now because as soon as 10:30 hit, we were all dead tired and went to bed. We went to church the next morning then this really awesome chinese restaurant that Luke found. It's yummy and their lunch menu is cheaper than El rodeo now.

All in all, it was a super fun weekend full of friends which are the weekends we love best!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!!

My best friend Andrea is getting married in 5 days!!! I'm super excited for her. We had her bachelorette this past weekend and it was fun.

Right now, at this very minute, Luke has all the guys in his a capella group here for their rehearsal. Thanks Drew and Jaime for the piano cause that's why they can practice here. They sound really great and I am loving getting to meet all the guys. I made them Luke's mom's famous cookies. I love being Luke's wife!!! Except, I'm kinda confined to the bedroom while they're practicing but that's cool because I can get some work done, except for now......cause I'm blogging......and on the internet.......ok....... work, work, work!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Soon to be Sutton's!!!!!

Tonight Luke and I met Andrea's fiancee Matt for the first time and what a great time we had! He was SUPER cool and it was fun to really spend time with him and get to know him as he marries my best friend. Matt, you have the Mehaffie's stamp of approval!!!!
Here's the happy couple to be wed in 21 days!!!
The funniest and coolest thing about Matt besides his great personality is that he is TALL!! If you can't see it the last picture, maybe this one will give you a better perspective:
Isn't that HILARIOUS!!!! We had a great dinner then played a fun game of Taboo. We also had ice cream and watched one of our favorite episodes of The Office, which Matt loves, which is also a cool thing about him. Luke and Matt bonded too and I loved spending time with Andrea!
The night ended with a photo-op that was also lots of fun. Here we are; The Mehaffie's and The Sutton's!!!
"Cingular, Raising the bar" (get it, get it)
We will miss you all the way in Arizona!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cartoon Family

(Left to Right):Dad, Mom, Tine, Me
(Left to Right): Rockie, D, Babe

So, if you go to http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/ you can create your own simpson character (or what you might look like in the simpson world). I spent too much time there and made these images of my family.