Monday, August 27, 2012

At the Ballpark Again!!

We were at the Mudcats on Sunday afternoon. 

It was a beautiful day for a ball game.
 We even had this awesome Mudcats helmet that we got for free!!!
 Had to sneak one in of my handsome husband
 Me and my youngest. We don't have many pictures together.

 He made such sad face pictures each time. But he really was having a great time. Even jumping up and down and cheering "GO MUDCATS" with both fists in the air. A big difference from the two fingers in his ears the whole time at the last game.

 This one is so funny. It's so editorial.

 Guess what?!? I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!
Here's one of all the silly faces of Simon. Sweet boy!
After the game, all the kids got to run the bases. These are a little hard to see but you can click on it to see the bigger picture. Isaac, again, had a serious face, but he really was having a good time. 
Even Simon ran. He was HILARIOUS!! He would run, trot, then walk, all the while looking up at the other kids around him to know where he needed to go next. We got many comments on how cute he looked. He was probably the smallest one out there. 

 Simon likes to be the catcher.
 We even got to visit the dugout!
 Simon, of course, has to show his belly to the world! Notice Isaac looking at him....
 ...and decided he'd do it also.
 Then we got to meet Muddy the Mudcat!
 We were very pooped, but as usual, we had a really great time!!!

Friday is our last game of the summer. We're going with some great friends and enjoying some fireworks at the end of the game. Awesome!!

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