Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have You Met Finn?

Finn is a sweet little 5 month old that I've been nannying for since November. His dad is a high school friend of Luke's and we've hung out with them since before we were married. I watch him 4 mornings a week and it has been fun. He's always had a cutie pie face. And Finn loves me too! He loves me so much, that he begged his mom to buy him this shirt :)Isaac likes him too. Here he is giving Finn a toy to share. So sweet. I'm very proud of Isaac. Except, at this moment, we are working on being gentle with baby Finn and walking around him and not over him :) too funny. I enjoy having Finn with us and enjoy seeing Isaac interacting with him! They're both so sweet!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I wonder wonder who...

Rocky, you are my WONDER-ful WOMAN!!!

This was fun looking for a picture that fit the picture. Too bad I didn't have any of you looking probly would have looked cooler.

Thanks for the link Anna!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Epiphany!

What in the world is that, you may ask? It's also called Three Kings Day. This is the day that is traditionally celebrated as the day the three kings came to see baby Jesus and present their gifts. Which is why traditionally, we exchange gifts for Christmas. Because we want to teach our children every important part of the Christmas season (and because we just want to draw out Christmas as long as possible) we also exchange presents on Three Kings day. Traditionally (I feel like I'm saying that word a lot) you save one present from Christmas day to open. I've also heard that sometimes, parents hide presents under their childrens beds for this day. We have started our own tradition. Our three kings day presents must be 1) $5 or less 2) something the person really wants or needs (not just any random thing to fulfill an obligation) and 3) a handmade gift. The last one tends to be optional because I really needed bobbins but Luke can't make those. But in the future, I think I would like to emphasize the handmade part a little more. Here are some pictures from our Three Kings Day.

We got Isaac a Barnyard sounds book:I made Luke some cord holders from toilet paper rolls:Isaac got daddy some toboggans:Isaac got me a journal and Luke got me some bobbins. The good ones too!HUGE disclaimer: so much has been going on lately, none of us had the energy or foresight to make anything handmade. bummer. We'll really try for this one next year.

This day also marks when we bring all our Christmas decorations down. I think we're the only house left on our street that still has Christmas lights outside. So this weekend, everything will come down. A little sad, but this year, I'm ready. Isaac has done so good not caring about the Christmas trees all season, but this week, he's all over them! and it's driving me a little bonkers.

Anywho. I love my family. And I love that Luke, though he didn't celebrate this day as a child, has fully embraced and supported my love for everything Christmas and my passion for new traditions.

The Walkin Boy

I know I haven't posted anything about The Boy lately. Sorry about that. He's getting really big and his walking is sooooo good. He almost exclusively walks now. Before, he wouldn't even try it, or he'd take 1 or 2 steps then give up. But now, he just loves it! He doesn't even really play with his toys anymore. He just grabs one thing in each hand and starts making laps around the kitchen, living room and dining room. I should put a pedometer on him to see how many steps he's taken. Can't believe that little Isaac man won't be crawling anymore. I love him so much! Here's a little video Luke took at church last night.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Killer Bunnies

Last night, we had Justin and Kai over for dinner! They just recently got engaged and are getting excited for their July wedding. We are so happy for them and proud of Justin. After dinner, we cleared off the table and geared up for a game of KILLER BUNNIES! Last time they were here, Justin just went on and on excitedly about this game so we said next time they come, our time will be devoted to this game. It was fun. VERY confusing and complicated, but once you got it, very fun. As soon as we finished one game, we were ready for another one, but it was too late. Isaac also thought it would be fun to help Kai play her game.

He was so cute. He would watch everyone with their cards, put his on the table them pick them up again. Then, he peed on Kai (bad mami forgot to change his diaper). So this added alot of excitement to the night. We just love hanging out with them.

Thanks for coming over!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Family Vacation

Last week, we went on our first family vacation. Just the three of us. Boy did we need it! We found an amazing deal on a hotel in Myrtle Beach and stayed from Tuesday through Friday. We purposely chose the beach because it was the off season and knew the prices would be better. We got a two-bedroom suite with a full kitchen. This was great because Isaac had his own room, and with a kitchen, I cooked a lot of our meals, which also saved us a lot of money. What a sweet, sweet time with my family. The Lord has been so good to us and we so enjoyed being together, just the three of us. Also, being in myrtle beach has a lot of memories for us. We both were on a summer project there and shared a lot of memories. Everywhere we went, we each had a story to tell that started with, "do you remember when...?" It's just another way that we look back and wonder in amazement that God had picked us for one another, even way back when. We love that we share so many memories together. Here's a slide show of our fun times.

On our way home, we stopped in Wilmington for more traditions. We always eat at Front Street Brewery on our way home from the beach and always get ice cream at Kilwan's. Though, I was super cold so I opted for a chai at Port City Java this time, but Luke still got ice cream.

I'm so thankful for the family God has given me. We truly truly enjoy being together. It still feels like we're crazy college kids, and we have so much fun together! But now, it's back to normal life, but I'm thankful for that too.