Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Never Happened Before

Look closely at the picture below:
See that red bumpy circle thing on my hand? No, it's not ring worm. It's my battle scar. What you see is a 3 year old boy's teeth marks, in my hand. Yes...In the 4 years that I have been working with kids, I have never been bitten before. This was the very first time. I was so shocked, I just started laughing. Then I felt his teeth dig in and I stopped laughing.

I actually have a history with this family. I also gave therapy to his older brother about a year ago, and he always head-butted me in my face!

Ahhh, I do love my job though! Each day brings it's own special adventure!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friend and Family Fun Weekend!

What a fun and relaxing weekend that we had. It started off with our good friends Scott and Kelly visiting with us. We have such a great time visiting with them. Scott and Kelly are expecting their #1 this July and we're SO HAPPY for them!!!
Then on Saturday, after taking Scott and Kelly to the airport, Luke and I had a slow very relaxing day waiting for the snow to arrive. It was mostly rain at first but we knew it would come. And it finally did!!! Here's a short video of what Raleigh snow looks like!!!

I know it doesn't look like alot to all you up north, but to us, we were blessed. Luke and I just love the cold weather and most especially, the snow, since we only get about 1 good snow a year now.

Thanks to my best friend Andrea for this special winter hat. It's the only toboggan that ever looked good on my head and she graciously gave it to me! I love you Andrea!

Saturday night, we had a big family dinner with Luke's parents which is always fun. Luke's mom made Javanese Dinner. MMmmmm!! Luke's dad offered to take us to the State game. We weren't going at first but then Luke decided that it would be fun and boy, was it!! We were sure State would be killed, but we ended up winning!!! GO PACK!!!

We had a great time with Luke's dad, and Daniel and his future wife, Alinna!

Finally, today, 2 of the 3 services at Providence were cancelled because of the weather. This was great news for us in that we didn't have to be at church at 6:30am for our media duties. We had lunch with our friends Patrick and Anna and they ended up coming back to our home to hang out. We played Dicecapades (a new game with over 100 dice), then played Scene It , and cozied up on the couch watching Willow ("I stole the baby!!").

Missy cozied up too! What a fun chill Sunday afternoon, just the way they should be!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yeah right!!! I wish!!!

Actually, at the beginning of December, Fezzic was visiciously attacked by a monster F-150. He got dinged pretty badly! So the beautiful car above is my rental for about a month, while my poor Fezzic below is at the shop.

Missy was checking to make sure everything was okay. God sure is teaching me to appreciate what I've got and not covet what's not mine.

Belated Christmas

Christmas seems so long ago now. I haven't been able to muster up the strength to blog about the whole adventure so here are some picture highlights:

Our deck "decked" out with Christmas Lights!!!!

We helped out with the Christmas musical at church again this year. We were both stage hands but Luke got to be a fireman for the pre-show!

Christmas morning opening presents with Luke's family. This year, unlike last year, we got to spend Christmas Eve in our home, just the two of us and Missy of course. We began a new tradition of spending Christmas Eve night sleeping under the tree!

And finally, Luke shaves his beard for the "Mustache Bash" new year's eve party at the Braddy's!!! If you know Luke, you know he couldn't just shave a normal mustache. But the good news is, he won first prize!!!

Hope you had a great Christmas too!!!