Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Family Fun Adventure

We have a family tradition to try and have a family adventure every Saturday. It could be anything. Like going to the farmer's market, the library, the flea market, stuff like that. We prefer them to be free and out in the community somewhere. It's been fun!

Today, we went to a free Chick-fil-a event at the State Fairgrounds. Luke heard about it at work and we thought it would be perfect for our adventure. Plus, you just can't pass up free Chick-fil-a. These first two pictures were taken at the event and put into little magnet frames for us. Fun! oh, and FREE!

Poor little Isaac man deathly afraid of the cow. As soon as we walked away he kept waving and saying bye bye. Poor little guy :)Here's one in front of a fire truck. Love how Isaac is holding his sandwich. I won't make commentary on these next few. Just enjoy! These next few Luke took outside and are my favorite of Isaac. Luke's getting good with the camera and i just love the little cow in his little overall pouch. Eat him up! All in all, we left with 6, yes 6, free Chick-fil-a sandwiches, 3 bottles Vitamin water, 2 bottles of water, 2 cans of coke and 4 gift cards! ALL FREE!!! We love Chick-fil-a!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

One little monkey jumping on the bed.....

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend In Greensboro

My nephew Malikhi turned 11 this past weekend! I can't believe it how old he is now. Though it was a hot hot HOT weekend, it was fun. Oh to be a kid again when the heat doesn't seem so hot. Here's a slideshow of our time together.

And here's the belly at 34 Weeks. Not so great a shirt to show how big I'm getting. Note to self: try not being in your third trimester in the summer EVER AGAIN!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Other Craigslist Treasure!

Another AMAZING find on craigslist!! This climber for only $10! Two things we've been searching and searching for all found in one day and totally on the cheap!!!

Isaac's New Toy

We found this sand and water table on craigslist for $25!! They normally cost $80. What an answer to prayer.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Crocs Kinda Fam

I've always wanted a picture like this of all our little feet in crocs. Another little pair coming soon!

Andhere's the belly at 33 weeks. We're so close now....It's in a different spot because we kept forgetting the camera upstairs and when we thought to take a pic, we were both too lazy to go get it. So this one's upstairs, but alas, no MissyGirl.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gibbons

Our great great friend Justin was married this weekend to his bride Kai. It was a very emotional wedding for me because it was like watching my little brother get married. It took all of my strength to contain my joyful screaming when Justin first walked in. Here are pictures of the day. Warning: there are alot of pictures but I hope all our ECU friends out there who didn't make it to the wedding enjoy them all.

Here are a few of the happy couple!The bridal party waiting for Kai to walk in. Get your tissues: Here's Justin as he watches his beautiful bride walk in. My favorite part of a wedding! Beautiful Kai and her dad. Justin and Kai listening to the marriage message. During prayer time, Luke played a song that Justin and Kai had requested. What an honor to be a part of their wedding. It was Divine Romance by Phil Wickham. I planned on posting the video of him singing but uploading was taking FOREVER, so you'll have to settle with it being sung by Phil Wickham himself. Click HERE to see hear the song. It is a beautiful song. Here's a pic. Sorry it' so blurry.Here's one of beautiful Kai! During wedding pictures, we got to snag a quick one with Justin. And so did JJ & Shelley. Here's one of us with the happy couple. And one of another happy couple:) One other friend from college, Erica was also pregnant so we teamed up in our hot flashes, flip flops, and binge eating :) Here's our belly bump pic. She's due in October. Time to say goodbye! And just for fun, here's what I made them for their wedding. They love to cook together which is why I made them their little aprons. And I'm totally loving personalized dinner napkins. And you can't really see it but the glass pitcher is etched with a "G". I hope they like it.

Congrats Justin and Kai!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend....

I know it's a late post but it was fun and we got some fun pics.

First, we went to go see The Last Airbender with our friends Justin and Kai. We are big fans of the old cartoons and therefore were slightly disappointed in the movie. Saturday, the never ending yardwork. But praise God that it was alot cooler and less humid.

Then on Sunday the 4th, we headed to Luke's parents house because his sister was throwing cookout. Here are some pics from that time.

Sweet little BFF cousins hugging. Which they are doing alot more now, almost the point where they pester one another with hugs and kisses. My sweet family of four. Can't believe we're so close now to meeting our baby boy. And here are the other Mehaffies. The brothers and their children. Ruby's trying to give Isaac another kiss. Just like Daniel is trying to give Luke a kiss!
Luke had Monday off! YAY! We got invited to another cookout with some old college friends that we haven't seen in a long time. It was weird that we all went from single college kids, to married with kids! There were 14 children there!! I didn't get that great pictures of it but here are a few. The fun water play set up for the kiddos. Isaac and Jacob in the pool. Sweet little Dakota Johnston in the excersaucer. And here's our host Dave with his little guy. So sweet. Thanks Stambaughs!!!

Overall it was a super fun weekend. Luke and I get so pumped when we can be around people and be as social as we were this weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Lake, A Quilt and a Bump

Fun Weekend! There are alot of pics so I won't give too much commentary.

On Sunday, Alinna invited us to a house at Jordan Lake that her family had rented. We took off right after church. Very fun! Here are Luke and TheBoy in the back of the volvoCool Dude ready to go in the waterMe and The BoyAfter the swim, Isaac and Rubes eating snack with Alinna and her sister Valley (who's kind of an adopted aunt to Isaac). Here are the boys playing in the water (after they went kayaking)
Little Rubes eating her snackAnd the sweetums little manAll the girls. On the left is Becky Galloway who also spent the day with us. The two boys. Isaac with his mouth full.
On the way back to the house, it's Tia Alinna's turn to sit with Isaac.Dinner that night was super fun. We all chipped in to help fix dinner (hamburgers) and has a blast eating together. I just LOVED that big long table!!!What a fun time! Thanks for letting us tag along!

Onto the next. I FINALLY finished Isaac's quilted duvet for his big boy bed. What do you think?I wasn't super crazy about the jungle theme but Luke really liked the fabric, and whenever Luke gets involved in fabric shopping, I do whatever he says :) Isaac really likes it too. Here he is pointing at all the animals. See his happy face! He's saying "cheese" only not to the camera!There are pillowcases to follow. Check out my craft blog in the next few days to see all the details.

And finally, the bump at 30 weeksAlso, a new haircut. I wanted something new and different considering my type of hair really confines me to the same haircut. So Kim gave me some red and some bangs. Still trying to figure out the styling and stuff, but overall I like the change. As far as the belly, aches and pains are increasing and I have to admit it's getting harder and harder to put on my "I feel great" face. But still, praise the Lord. Meeting little man so soon!!!