Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Got the Evidence

In my post about Ohio, I mentioned that Luke got a haircut in the same place and by the same person as his first haircut ever! Now I have the proof!
Look at little "Luker Boy"!! He's so cute! He definetly has that "please don't cut my brain" look on his face.

Even the booster seat that he sat on was still there. I love the history and legacy that Luke and his family have and it was great to be there with him to experience that!!! And that Luker Boy is still so cute!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kids Exchange

This is the biggest consignment sale I've ever been to. IT WAS HUGE!! One of my parents that I serve told me about it but I had no clue what I was in for. Luke, Sharon and I went on Saturday as soon as it opened to get a head start and to avoid a really long wait in line. We found so many great deals and walked out with alot. We had a lot of fun. I cannot express to you how big this place was and how much stuff there was. Here are some pics from our adventure:
Here we are in line waiting to get in. There was already a long line and it hadn't even opened yet!Look at all those toys. I know there were at least 100 tables just filled with toys. Ahhh! Here's mom patiently waiting in the infant items rows. There were tons of bottles, boppies, bibs, and blankies and tons more! Here's Luke proudly sporting his baby back carrier. It was $1 !! what a deal and there were many more like this yet to be found. And then there's me, searching among rows and rows of clothes. And each row was about ....well I don't know how long, but LONG! The good news is, we bought clothes for baby's whole first year! At last, we're ready to check out! What did we get ourselves into! I dont' think our cart has enough stuff in it! Our cart was jam packed!!! We got sooooo much stuff. We did spend a pretty penny but we got 3 times as much as we would've gotten if we bought all this stuff at a store! We had a great day and got even more excited about meeting our son!!!! It was certainly an adventure and a great way to spend our Saturday. If any of you live in NC and anywhere near raleigh, make the trip. The next big sale is in January and it's TOTALLY worth it! Here's the Website : Kids Exchange

Friday, July 25, 2008

Family Reunion in Ohio!

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Ohio for our family reunion. We were in desperate need of a vacation. And though it was only 3 and a half days long, it was exactly what we needed. We drove a great rental up there to meet Luke's parents who were driving back from California. On Saturday evening, Catherine (Luke's sister) flew in from her summer project in Berlin. Our weekend was full of fun, eating, chilling, eating, laughing, eating, and more eating. But that's how it is when the Mehaffie family gets together! It's always great to see the amazing history that the Mehaffie family has there. Mike's family farm is still there, Mehaffie's Pies stores open, and a Park named after Luke's uncle Clint Fultz. It was hard to come back to Raleigh but fun to be packed in that van. Unfortunatley for everyone else, the pregnant one had to stop at least every 2 hours for a potty break on our 10 hour drive. They were all very gracious and patient though. Here are some picture highlights from our weekend:

Luke got a haircut at the same place and by the same person as his first haircut ever. Mom and Dad said that he didn't move an inch, to which Luke responded that it was because he didn't want the man to cut his brain open. Oh Luke! Gammie is the spunkiest happiest grandmother you'll ever meet. She's turning 90 this year but she's sharp as ever!
Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Charlene and Uncle Mark are always fun to see. We get to see Marilyn and Gammie 3 times this year!!!Aunt Charlene wanted to use our spiffy camera to take a picture of us. Our glowing is not the pregnacy or the's the heat. It was HOT!!!One of our many meals. This was after church at the Cobblestone Village Restaurant. It's the "prettiest" restaurant I've ever been in and the food was yummy! Our last big adventure: We went canoeing. I've never been before but it is a tradition for Luke growing up. I LOVE getting to experience things like this with Luke and I had a great time!

It really was a great weekend and like I said, it was hard to come home. Next year, if we go, there will be a little babyboy with us!!! Below is a slideshow with more pictures of our weekend!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're Here!!

After a 9-10 hr. drive in a sweet rental car, we have finally made to Ohio for our family reunion. The trip was fun but long. Luke and I just love taking road trips together and we make a great team of driver and navigator!

We just loved seeing our family and sweet Gammie again. She took us out to a great breakfast this morning. This is the beginning of 3 days filled with fun and of course, eating at least every 4 hours! Oh boy! I'll just have to remember that I"m eating for 2 this time around. Last time we were here, Luke and I weren't even married yet, and now I'm pregnant! Super fun.

Tonight is the family reunion cookout!!!

Pictures to come!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Social Weekend!

We have had a great weekend hanging out with alot of friends. On Friday, Mike, Nancy & Josie Corson came to hang out and have some dinner! We of course sat them on our big red chair for a picture and then played a fun game of Scene It! It's one of our favorite games!!

On Saturday, we went garage sale-ing and were unfortunately unsuccessful in finding any good deals. But we woke up early and had a great day hanging out together. That night, Drew and Jamie Watkins came to hang out and have dinner. We spent alot of time talking then played a really fun game called Imaginiff....! They also helped us make more room for our baby. We were sad to see our piano go but it's fun to continue getting the room ready for baby!! I know we have a picture of them on our big red chair, but I can't find it right now.

Sunday night we hung out with Patrick and Anna Watkins. Again, I'm pretty sure we have a big red chair picture of them but I can't find it either. We had dinner at Red Robin and dessert at the Fractured Prune! MMMMM! We LOVE the Fractured Prune doughnut shop. We were really disappointed to see how much both those places had raised their prices. It's the trickling down of our bad economy. But we still had a great time with our friends.

One two side notes: Luke brought this HUGE zucchinni home the other day. He said it was in a veggie basket at work and just decided to bring it home. We actually layed it next to Missy girl at it was just about as long as her. We'll be having zucchinni with dinner for the next few days!

Second side note: I have really popped out alittle more in even the last few days. I found this really nice maternity dress on crazy sale and I got to wear it today. Luke really liked it too and was really proud of the great deal that I found.

Anywho, I promise I won't post baby bump pictures constantly on here. You'll have to go to our BabySite for that!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're Halfway There!!!

I'm 20 weeks today and I have popped out!!!!
(Top: 16 Weeks, Bottom: 20 Weeks!)

What an exciting and changing first half this has been and we can't wait to see what excitement will come in the second half! The most exciting part for me......I can finally feel him moving. What an answer to prayer!! It's the funniest thing I've ever felt and so exhilirating to feel it. I feel more connected to our son now more than ever because it's moved from this head knowledge to a physical feeling him inside, where as before, I just knew he was in there because I'm know I'm pregnant. But now, I can FEEL him in there. It's one of the things I've most been looking forward to, even before ever being pregnant!!! Praise the Lord.

Thanks again for praising God with us!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day Weekend

Our long weekend started on Thursday night with Ben and Tiffany at North Hills listening to Beach Music. It was their first time and our second. There were alot less people there and it made it alittle more pleasant to be there. We again ate at Five Guys and it was Yummy.
Here's Ben and Tiff.....and here's Luke and I!
The bass player in the band was so super funny. He was wireless or something but he stayed up on stage with his band about 10% of the time, the rest of the time, he was just walking around the plaza playing his music and posing for pictures.....see..... how funny is that!!!Then there was a beautiful sunset...and Tiffany and I posed for a picture in front of the water fountain! I just love hanging out with them and love that they are so super close to our home.

Friday was spent sleeping in and we were so grateful to have a morning to not work and just relax. We then got to work doing some more nesting for our baby. It's hard work but we are glad God is giving us time to get it done. The big thing for us was getting the bed out of that room and making room for the crib. We just ordered it and it should be coming in about 2 weeks. We are very excited.

That evening, we had Josh and Meg over for our 4th of July cookout. No big bash this year. We were planning on going out of town and didn't make out annual bash plans, but then our out of town plans fell through. But it was great to have Josh and Meg over with Gabrielle! Isn't she a sweetie poo?!?!?

The funniest part of the night is when Meg had Elle on her shoulders jumping around, then all of a sudden, Meg felt something warm and wet down her neck! Yup......Elle spit up all on Meg's hair!!!! She says "What, I didn't do anything."Then it was time for dessert with my American Flag Cake. Luke said it was cute and that he was so proud of me! It was one of thise things that just looked nicer in my head than in reality. But hey, it sure tasted yummy!!!Just when it was time for fireworks, he lightning and thunder came.....then the pour down came. We got out there just in time to snap a few picsWe were sad that there weren't fireworks. Luke have been going to the art museum for them for about 8 years now, but oh well, I'm not gonna go sit in the middle of a wide open field while it's lightening just to watch fireworks right!!!!

We spent the rest of the weekend going to the flea market and other places shopping for baby!!!!It was very relaxing yet very productive. Praise the Lord!!! Hope you all had a great long weekend too!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Baby Site

I've made and update on our Baby Journey Journal. I try to make an update at least once a week. It has some pictures and thoughts that I don't put on our blog. Please check it out!!!!

Baby Journey Journal

This link is also on the side bar under our baby's picture!

The Scan Gun can be Dangerous!!!

This past weekend, Luke and I finally went registering, since we knew we were having a boy. WHAT FUN! It was also alittle stressful too though. It's so different than registering for your wedding. Then at least you know what you're gonna need. But with baby, I have NO idea. There are some things that you do know but mostly, it's really all a guess game. We did have fun though and that can gun was just beeping away. Luke held it most of the time because he knows how I can so easily get carried away. This is him checking out the cribs. No, that's not the crib we're getting.

The bib wall was fun , but really, why on EARTH are there so many different kinds, brands, colors, yatta yatta yatta. I mean, options are good, but this is a little much. Oh well! And let's not even talk about the bottle and nipple wall. This was totally out of control! We really tried but then just walked away because we didn't have a clue. I actually just got back last night with my friend MEg. She's a new mom and really helped me figure all that stuff out. what a help!!! This is just one of those times that bring it home that there's going to be a baby!! We're almost halfway there!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hymns for Life IV

We sang this at church on Sunday and it had been in my head ever since. I read in my book that it may have been written by Charles Wesley in response the the national anthem in England that said something like God save the king. He (if he was the writer) wanted to remind himself and fellow believers whoe the real King was.

Come, Thou almighty King,
Help us Thy Name to sing,
help us to praise!
Father all glorious,
o’er all victorious,
Come and reign over us,
Ancient of Days!

Come, Thou incarnate Word,
Gird on Thy mighty sword,
our prayer attend!
Come, and Thy people bless,
and give Thy Word success,
Spirit of holiness,
on us descend!

Come, holy Comforter,
Thy sacred witness bear
in this glad hour.
Thou Who almighty art, n
ow rule in every heart,
And ne’er from us depart,
Spirit of power!

To Thee, great One in Three,
Eternal praises be,
hence, evermore.
Thy sovereign majesty
may we in glory see,
And to eternity
love and adore!

Like I said, I've been singing this alot in my head since Sunday. This is what I want our son to know bout God eventually; the importance of the Trinity, His Word, and His Confort, among many other things!