Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not Much Here!

Our lives have been pretty normal lately, which is why there hasn't been a post lately. Fun things are Luke is on an a cappella singing group which he is enjoying ( www.looneytunesmusic.org ) and I have started a summer women's Bible study on holy and unholy women of the Bible. This has been a great study and a pleasant surprise. When I first arrived I was shocked that I was one of the youngest there by about 20-30 years. I immediately said in my head, "yeah right, probably won't came back for this one". But throughout that first study, God changed my heart as I heard the wisdom and Bible knowledge of all those older women. I mean, really. I've only been reading the Bible for about 8 years and some of them have been reading it for over 30 yrs. As I continued to return, I have been truly blessed by them and the study.

The most exciting thing is us getting A PIANO!!!!!

We are so excited about it. Our great friends Drew and Jamie Watkins had 2 so they let us "long term" borrow it! It's alot harder than it looks. Though Luke and I both have musical backgrounds and can read music, I can't read bass clef and he can't read treble clef, so yet another reason why God matched us together to compliment eachother on the piano. The first hymn I've committed myself to learn is Praise to the Lord, The Almighty. It's coming slowly but surely. The next big thing is the Linus and Lucy song which we both love and by God's grace and Luke's good ear, we learned it, me playing the top part and Luke playing the bottom. What a fun thing to learn together.

August is going to be an exciting month with my best friend Andrea getting married!!! There'll be lots more to post then!!!! Let us know how you all are doing!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

8th Annual Mehaffie Independence Day Bash!!!

We had a great time at our Bash! It was such a blessing to see how the Lord has provided meaningful relationships for us this past year. This is something that Luke and I have been praying for and it was great to have all these people in one place as a testimony of God's provision for us!

It was especially fun to see all our friends that we met in different contexts all mingling together and getting to know eachother. I was so nervous that the night wouldbe filled with awkwardness but again, the Lord provided and it all went smoothly. We started a game of Celebritites but we only got into the first round because it was time to go watch fireworks. I love doing that because it reminds me of all the years that Luke and I and our friends went there in the years before, and now we were there married to eachother, with all new friends that we love!!

All in all, it was a great time and I can't wait until the 9th Annual Indpendence Day Bash!!!! And, I think I won't go nuts on the decorations like I did this year!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Before & After

Luke and I underwent some changes this week!

I cut my hair (3 1/2 in. off) and Luke shaved his gotee (all of it). I really like Luke's gotee so maybe some of you can convince him to grow it back!! HaHa!
We went to our first ever fondue party this weekend for Patrick's birthday! It was yummy with two kinds of cheese dips, and two kinds of delicious chocolate dips.

The funnest part of this weekend was the celebration service at church that they always have around the fourth of July. Each year the church brings in an artist like Bebo Norman, La Rue, and other and this year it was Avalon. I have to admit I know all of two Avalon songs: Testify to Love and Adonai, both of which they sang. It was a fun time and we even got reserved seating because we were at a hospitality training just before the concert so we were in the ver very very front row, where the pastor usually sits! We had a great time and we got to hang out with some friends afterwards which is always great! We are very excited about our 8th Annual Mehaffie Independence Day Bash! For us it's a testimony of God's faithfulness in mine and Luke's friendship through eight years and also to His faithfulness in the people that He's put in our lives since being married, in Raleigh and at Providence!
Have a great Fourth of July!!!!