Friday, April 20, 2007

So In Love!

Every now and then, Luke and I have one of those days. Just like when we first started dating; can't go one day without talking, can't stop thinking and smiling. You know. Well today was one of those days. The morning started off great, we slept in, worked like a perfect team and each got to work relaxed and in love. I left my cell phone and Luke and I didn't get to talk to eachother throughout the day like we usually do and really missed those mid-day checkins. The best is when Luke gets home before me and he did today. I was so eccstatic to see him and he me. we just hugged tight forever, just like back when we didn't kiss yet and we just held eachother. It's great to feel that "oh so in love" feeling again. Not that we dont' love eachother from day to day but marriage gets routine and when you have those giddy days, it just rejuvenates all over again. So Luke's taking me on another date night tonight just because he loves me. I have the best husband!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Trip!

Luke and I both had an amazing trip to UK and Europe. We went to visit Luke's older sister Christine. She's moving back to the US and asked us to bring back 4 huge suitcases full of her stuff back for her. We arrived in London at 9:30 am on Tuesday April 2. We arrived about an hour late and very tired after an 8 hour direct flight. We spent that day walking around the outer parts of London and St. Paul's Cathedral. This is where Princess Diana got married. We walked aroung a small English town called Blackheath where we had our first english meal, fish-n-chips. We were totally tired by early evening so we went back to Christine's flat where we had spaghetti with tomato and mascrapone sauce. YUMMY! we had that 3 times while we were there and we really loved it. The next morning, we were off to Paris for a 3 hour train ride under the English channel. (we were only under it for about 20 minutes). Paris was great and brought Luke and I alot closer. The language was alot harder than I thought and we really had to work together to move around the city. Here's what we saw in our two days in Paris:
Sacre Couer
Moulin Rouge (not AT ALL like the movie)
The Opera House
Notre Dame (our favorite in Paris)
Eiffel Tower day and night
Arc Du Triomphe
The Louvre
And our 1 night hotel
We had such a great time but it was definetley a power trip for only two days. These pictures just don't do any justice. The whole city is so old with so much history and the architecture is BEAUTIFUL!!!! it was a dirty smelly city though but we loved trying to figure out the metro.

London was great. We saw all the sights Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Picadilly circus, Trafalgar Square, The Prime Meridian, Tower Bridge, all that fun stuff. Plus, we got to hunt down and see Platform 9 3/4!! While in London, we took in a musical. WICKED:the Musical. It was great and funny to see the story behind the Wizard of Oz. I won't give anything out but many twists and turns. Luke and I had a day to ourselves in Oxford. That was so pretty. This city is really old and you can feel it just being there. It's like being in a different time. The pace is so slow and relaxed and the buildings just exhude history. I mean, C.S. Lewis was a student and taught there; how amazing. We also had our very first Cornish Pasty's for lunch and they were yummy. Mine was chicken and vegetables and Luke's was a potroast type. Cheap there but that's like 5 USdollars. YUMMY!
Overall we had a great trip and it was like being on a second honeymoon. Almost a week later and we're still alittle jet lagged and still adjust to the 6 hour time difference we got used to in one week. Thanks Christine for letting us get out there. And Praise God for an opportunity of a lifetime.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Before I start writing like crazy about our Amazing trip to UK and Europe, I have a confession. I put my wedding dress on today. I don't know but I really wanted to. It definetly is a picker upper for an "I feel ugly" day. No matter what your hair and face and body looks like, you will always be the beautiful girl ever in your wedding dress. Luke laughed at me but was a completely supportive husand and helped me put it on because, really, it's a two person job! so yeah, don't laugh but if you do, do it behind my back. HAHAHA!!!!

This isn't me today but it is my favorite bridal portrait!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

We've Made It!!!!

After taking off 45 minutes late from Raleigh, a 8 hour plane, and a crazy train ride, we finally caught up with Christine at Krispie Kreme at London Bridge station. We are very tired but very grateful to the Lordfor allowing us to arrive safely. We're gonna go into town today then go to bed early for our early train to PARIS!!!

Thanks for your prayers!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Today is the Day!!!!

All done with work, all packed up, we're heading out!!!! Just a few hours to go. Our flight takes off at 6:35 tonight. Tuesday we'll be in London in the AM and then Wednesday AM we head to Paris until Thursday evening. Back to London on Friday then back to Raleigh on Monday.

Please pray for our trip and our safety in another country.

See ya when we get back!!!