Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent is Here

We began the tradition last year of celebrating Advent and are excited to begin it with our little son this year. Here is the simple advent wreath I made for our family.You need, a wreath, 3 purple candles, 1 pink candle and 1 white pillar candle. I got everything here at the Dollar Tree.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. The first candle lit on the first Sunday of advent is the Prophecy candle and reminds us that Jesus' coming was prophesized many years before He was born. The candle is purple to represent Christ's royalty and His title, the King of Kings.

Some verses to read are: Isaiah 9:2-7 & Luke 1:30-35
Some hymns to sing are: O Come O Come Emmanuel & Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.

Some Last Finishing Touches

Ahhh my wonderful Mother-in-law. Little Baby Mehaffie will have so much that was hand made by his sweet Mutee. Here is the last thing that she was working on for the nursery. They are the padding for the rocking chair. They match the fabric to the crib. She worked so hard on them and I'm sure I will be appreciating it more and more as Luke and I rock our son to sleep. She also worked on a diaper bag that coordinates with all the things that I made earlier. She worked really hard and knocked it all out. Thanks Mom!!!!

And the other last finishing touch of course. Still baking in the oven. Here I am at 41 weeks. 41!!!wow. what a journey and what an adventure!!!!! Only 1 day and some change left!!!

One more thing, I heard this song on the radio one morning and fell in love with it. It's my new favorite Christmas song. I hope it encourages your heart and sets your heart in focus this Christmas Season. I posted the YouTube video below.

Third Day - Born In Bethlehem Live

Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Family Comes In

My mom, sister and her kids came into town on Friday night to wait for the baby to arrive. It's Saturday night now and no baby yet. They did have me walk around the mall and North Hills though, trying to get something going while they're here in Raleigh. They did the same thing when Suzie was pregnant with her last baby, Kelis, and she went into labor that night. As for me, no signs of labor yet. I hope that baby will come before they have to head back to Greensboro.
Three days until I get induced which means, 3 days until we definitively meet our son!!!!

A Visit From a Friend

My friend Maggie came by for a quick visit on Friday. She wanted to come see our Christmas home and see me and my preggy belly. We had to, of course, sit her on our big red chair. She works as a labor and delivery nurse in Greenville so it was nice to get some inside tips on what to expect. Thanks for visiting Maggie!!!

The Giving of Thanks!

First of all, I'm sure you're all baby yet. It's looking more and more that Tuesday will be the day. But we continue to pray for patience and praise God that we have had such an amazing pregnancy.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We loved being surrounded with family and having a small and very relaxing dinner, or lunch really. Gammie and Aunt Marilyn made their traditional trip to Raleigh and we all had a great time. We have alot of leftovers from all the places we ate out. One of the highlights of the week, besides Thanksgiving, is getting to dine at Ruth's Chris Steak House. Yummy!!! Here we are all dolled up, and of course, the entire Mehaffie Family Towers me........well, except for Gammie. Luke and I took some time to take some preggy pictures. We hadn't taken one with the two of us, mostly just of my growing belly. We love the fall. Who know, this may be the last "just us" picture that we take.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And My Due Date Has Gone......

Well, disregard the first option on my poll. But you can still vote on the others!!! I can't believe my due date was yesterday!! It was the day that I have been looking forward to for 9 months now and it went like a breeze. Here's what I did: Slept in, made waffles, went shopping, met Luke for lunch, and finished making my Christmas Wreath. Then I took a nap, met the family for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, watched Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown, then went to sleep. All this without even a hint of a contraction. Here's me and my big 'ol belly at 9 months exactly. I had a little breakdown yesterday but the Lord's grace is sufficient for me and I have a very patient husband. So, I will wait patiently. Tommorrow is a full moon so we'll see what happens.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Due Date Has Come............

Well, the ticker up top says that either I'm overdue or have given birth. Well, today is my due date and, alas, I have not given birth yet. I went to the doc yesterday and he went ahead and put me on the books to get induced next Tuesday if he hasn't come on his own yet. Kinda bummy because I was sooooo sure we would have met our son by now, but also very excited because we will definetly meet him on Tuesday. It's hard to believe that I'm at the end of my pregnancy. We are so thankful to the Lord that He has given us such as amazing pregnancy that has gone so smoothly with no major complications. We are continuing to trust in God's great faithfulness to us as we continue to wait for our son. Here's the latest picture of me taken on Saturday. There's only a safety pin holding my jacket closed because it just won't zip up anymore. We'll probably have a "due date" photo op today and each day to document daily progess until he comes. Overall, i feel great but I am admitting that I miss my mobility and am ready to be able to put socks on by myself again. But again, WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!!!
Thank you all for praying for us. Happy Thanksgiving and we'll try to update the blog as much as possible to keep you guys in the know.

Christmas-y Weekend

Luke and I are avid believers that Christmas does not start until the day after Thanksgiving. But after thinking more about it, with baby coming and with not decorating NOT being an option, we decided that, just for this year, we're gonna get started early. So part of my pre-natal nesting has been very Christmas- centered. Our Christmas began with the Raleigh Christmas Parade on Saturday. We went with Luke's sister Christine and some of her friends. Luke and I both used to march in the parade in high school. I have actually never been just a spectator at the parade. Here we are all bundled up because it was COOOOOOLD!. Here's Luke's Alma Mater. He went to Broughton. They always go first. And my Alma Mater. I went to Cary and we always went last. In classic Rockie style, I became very emotional and started to cry.It was neat to flashback to this time in my life when the band was everything. And how cool to think that that is just another thing the Lord gave to Luke and I, that we both were in Marching Band.

After the parade and yummy lunch with Ben and Tiffany, went out and got our Christmas Tree. And as is tradition, we walked over to the Food Lion across the street to find the perfect tree and Luke carried it home. It's always and adventure getting the tree in the stand but the Lord gave us sufficient grace to give to eachother. My favorite thing about our tree this year: it's tall. As you can see, I'm on my step stool and still stretching to get the star on top. We love our tree and are so thankful that God has provided for us to even have a tree this year. We are excited to put the ornaments on with our son.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner with the Girls

Some friends from ECU decided to take myself and another soon to be mommy out to dinner tonight to the Cheesecake Factory! Num-Yummy!Here we are:Rockie, Lauren, Alycia (she's 14 weeks pregnant) then across the table, Bryan, Becca, and Kim (she's due in mid-January).

I had a great time hanging out with them.We just laughed, talked about babies, parties and "ladies things". They are the people from ECU that I see the most and it has really been neat how the Lord has brought us all to Raleigh and to the same church. Thanks for a great time ladies!!!!

Waiting and Dating...and some other things

This week, Luke decided, on the advice of some friends, that we were going to go on a date every night this week. It's not that we won't ever have a date night again (we have grandparents and aunts that will be excited to babysit), it's that, this may be the last "just us" week that we'll have. I don't say it complaining or out of concern, just as a fact. For the rest of our lives, we will have another person that we are responsible for. Anywho, you all know that Luke and I don't spend money ever! So even as we are going out, we are saving money every which way we can by using lots of coupons. I won't bore you with our nightly dates but here's one picture from Hibachi Express. We had coupons for $2.75 Hibachi Chicken originally $6.75!!! We have had a really great time and opportunity for great deep conversation about God's faithfulness to us.

And, I POSTED before about my adventures in Pottery Painting. Well, here's the finshed product, all glazed and fired!!!I'm really glad with how it turned out. It has it's imperfections, but that's what makes it ver personalized.

AND, we had our second "dusting" of the season already!!! I know it's not alot, but I love it anywho!!! I really REALLY think that it's going to snow FOR REAL this year!!!!!

And, if anyone's measuring (yeah right!), i think I'm growing by the day. T minus 5 (on the day of the pic) days and counting with my chanclitas (spanish for slippers) and Missy with her sweater.

And thanks for all your name suggestions. They are all good. Keep 'um coming!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, the other day it finally hit me...I am about to be a dad. I have known friends and family for the past 29 years and praise the Lord for the people He's put in my life. Relationships are pretty neat when you think about each one of them being different and unique. Well, this weekend I realized that one of the most important relationships I might have in this life is almost about to start. It's almost like a blind date, or blind marriage...ok, maybe blind adoption? Anyway, since we aren't going to give him away or leave him, he will be in our lives for a long long time (if the Lord wills it). I have thought about what he might look like or sound like or be like, and in less than 2 weeks I will find out. Granted, he can't reason with me or play frisbee golf, but his arrival is anticipatory nonetheless. Rockie and I are being very patient as we receive God's gift of our child. I honestly am so excited to hold my son in my arms! Rockie and I are taking the advice of some friends and going on a date every night we have free. Tonight is $2.75 Hibachi Express night! Thanks for reading my e-mind (or web log...hence the phrase "blog") and for waiting/praying/celebrating with us!

For those of you who don't know, our baby's first name is a secret. If you are reading this, then you have to leave a guess in the comments. We'll see who gets it right!

The hint: It has more vowels than consonants. (Example - Leo)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Just Waiting

Well, I'm 39 weeks now!!! There have been about 4 other babies that were due within about a week that I am due, and they have all been born. In my anxiousness to meet me son, I feel jealous. But oh well, God's timing is perfect. So I will continue to enjoy the peace and independence until baby boy decides to make his entrance. I continue to praise God for giving me such an amazing and easy pregnancy. Great is His faithfulness to us!

Meanwhile, I went to the doc today. I'm 1 cm dialated and 50% "thinned out". WooHoo. I know 1 cm isn't alot and that it's no indication of the oncoming of labor. But hey, I'm excited!! It's progress and 1 cm that I won't have to labor through so Praise God!!! So, I'm just going to start decorating for Christmas, enjoy time with my husband, and spend time with girlfriends, eating and getting pedicures!! Thank you all for your prayers!

Holidays Fit For the King 2008!!!!

This Saturday was Providence's annual Holiday's Fit For The King. It's a fellowship and workshop for women designed to re-focus the holidays on Christ and also offers some fun holiday workshops like decorating, baking, and other ways to celebrate. This year, I brought Anna, Jamie, and Tiffany with me! Don't you love how we're lined up by size! As much as I have been ready to meet our son, I was really hoping to make it to "holidays" this year; it's like the start of the season for me. My favorite part was looking at all the table decorations during breakfast. Here are some pictures of the tables.

The workshops I chose this year were Decorating Principles where I learned about color and textures, focal point, and ways to use things that I already have around the house. I also went to Celebrating Advent. This was so important to me, especially now that we're starting our family. I learned about daily ways to celebrate advent and devotions I could use, fun ways to get the kids involved, and using an advent wreath for Advent Sundays. I'm excited to specifically apply this part to our family and our traditions. And I'm glad Ihave a husband who gets just as excited about celebrating Advent as me! What a great time!

Pottery Painting

I haven't gone pottery painting since our wedding. Well, I had time, and a Buy one Get one free coupon. And Luke wanted a night all alone before baby comes. So I called up Tiffany and we went to Paint Your Pot! Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into. We went for gusto and chose to paint some platters! Here's our progress:

It took us three days to finish!!! We definetly weren't expecting that. But we had a great time painting and thinking how these platters will be in our families forever!!!! Now one more trip to pick it up after it's glazed and fired!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting and Celebrating!

I went back to work today to celebrate baby's arrival with my co-workers. They were very sweet to throw me a baby shower and give me all their wisdom. I am humbled once again by God's provision for all our needs. I had a great time with them and though I've only been gone for a few days, it already felt like a long time. They all threw our their dates for when they think baby will come and I was really surprised to hear all these December dates. Oh I hope he comes in November!!!!

Thanks for a great time ladies!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lots of fun!!!!

On Saturday Morning, my aunt Diana (I call her Tia Tochita) flew in from Houston for a visit. I hadn't seen her in a while and I was so excited about her visit. My sister came in from Greensboro and we were off to the airport to pick her up. We met up with Luke for a quick lunch then left for Greenville for a Baby shower!!! Deb Cummings offered to throw one for us and we were very grateful. I'm glad my aunt was able to meet many of the women that I looked up to and mentored me while I was in college! Here we all are. Then back to Raleigh after a long traveling day for my aunt. Luke cooked us supper and it was yummy.

Sunday, Suzie had to get back to Greensboro but my aunt was able to come to church with us. i was so excited for her to come and see what is a huge part in mine and Luke's life! She really enjoyed it. Then back in the car again. Tia Tochita really wanted to see Suzie's kids so we went off to Burlington to meet Suzie and the kids for a late lunch at Outback, my aunt's favorite restaurant. We forgot they don't open until later so we had to kill some time so Luke brought out his trusty frisbee and entertained the kids until it was time to eat.And just look at how big these kids have gotten (Kelis is the little one, then Zhayla, then Malikhi) !!!! In two more years, Malikhi will be bigger than me. WOW!!! I found out that Kelis likes to eat lemons, and then they just couldn't fight the silliness! Monday came and we decided to do some shopping. I, of course, had to sit down every 5 seconds (come baby come). Then we met up with Luke's mom for lunch so she could spend some time with my aunt. After that, it was off to my doctor's appointment. I was excited to have her come with me and here our baby's heartbeat and meet our awesome doctor. BUT THEN................Dr. Holton decided to give my aunt a special treat and give me a surprise ultrasound!!!!! YAAAY!!! I love any opportunity that I get to see our little baby!!! I'm so glad Tia Tochita and Luke were both there!! She boo-hoo-ed the whole time. Here's our little jellybeanHe's looking out. That bright spot in the middle is his nose, then just above that is an eyesocket and those four little spots above are his little fingers!!!He had his and on his cheek thinking, no doubt, whether today is the day he wants to come out or not! I was so grateful that our doc did that for us and that my aunt was there to experience it.

After that, more shopping, then one more celebration for Luke's birthday at El Rodeo for dinner. What a great time we had. And a great beginning to my stay at home mom-ness. It was nice to give full attention to my home and my family without worrying about missing work and having to get back to it.

Now, we're just back to the waiting game! Come baby come!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Even More Birthday Celebrations!!!

Luke has been celebrating his birthday for about 2 weeks now! How fun. Well it all ended yesterday. We went to Frankie's to play some Putt-Putt with our friends Ben and Tiff!!! We had a great time being silly!
It's like Where's Waldo???

After Putt-Putt, we went to Bojangles for dinner!! Then it was time for the big moment!!!!! We were off to get him his tattoo!!! Here we are looking looking at other tattoos, waiting for Luke's turn. Luke was a champ! Though, he did squeeze my hand a few times. In a couple of weeks, it'll be me laying and squeezing his hand!!!And then it's done. Luke is The Flash for life!!!! Happy Birthday Luke!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

First Day....

In addition to it being Luke's birthday, it is also my first official day of retirement. It was quiet and emotional week at work; being so excited to stay at home and also being very sad to leave the kids that I've grown to love so much. Luke and I are so grateful to God that He provided a way for me to stay at home with our son. I've got my list of chores that I'm ready to attack. I'm soooo ready to be able to take care of our home.
Now it's just a waiting game!!!! Here I am at 37 weeks!!!

Praise the Lord, I'm full term now. I'm officially in the "any day now" catergory!

More Birthday Celebrations!!!

Today is actually Luke's birthday but last night we went on our birthday date night since we're going out with friends tonight. First we went to Red Robin where we enjoyed Luke's FREE birthday burger!!!! Free food is always great and Luke had fun opening up all his birthday cards. Except one was a thank you card (what's that about Daniel!!!!) But then, Luke totally missed his chance to take a picture with Red Robin, and he was very sad. But sadness can always be remedeed with...FREE ice cream. We walked across the way and enjoyed Luke's free Cold Stone birthday creation!!! So much fun! Happy birthday Luke!!