Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Belated Birthday Blog

My birthday is the day before Valentine's Day. And boy am I still a little kid when it comes to my birthday. We didn't take as many pictures as I wanted but here's a few. Luke was so great all day. He sent me on another scavenger hunt the way he did last year and it ended with a new alarm clock! I've been needing and wanting one for along time so though it may not sound very exciting to you all, I loved it! God reminded me of His love for me and my worth in Him by bringing snow on my birthday. Here's our back yard blanketed. It felt so special, like God brought the snow just for me b/c that's how much He loves me and that's how special I am to Him. We went out for story time at the library then free birthday lunch at pei wei. Luke is just so loving by letting me have what ever I want. We then came home and had a birthday nap! Then I did some birthday sewing and I finally finished Isaac's "blanket time" blanket. Check my craftblog soon to see it! Then we went out again to Target and Michael's. I had a 60% off coupon that expired that day and really wanted to use it. Again, Luke is so amazingly awesome that he just patiently walked each and every aisle with me as I decided what to buy. I consider that another birthday present. We intended on going to Red Robin for dinner but as we passed a MacDonald's Luke yelled out CHICKEN NUGGETS and I enthusiastically agreed. We love mcD's nuggets. We came home and in honor of the Olympics, watched the movie Miracle, one of my favorites. We ended up going to red robin and cold stone after church on Sunday. Isaac's birthday present to me was that God gave him a peaceful and patient heart and he was very content all day. Overall it was a great day and I felt very loved by my family and by my sweet husband.

Monday, February 15, 2010

LifeClass Super Bowl Party

We love love love our Life Class (our sunday school class). We have been going to this class for about 4 years now. The super bowl party was actually the first social we did with them, like 2 weeks after we first visited the class. I brought cheese dip. It was fun, though alittle intimidating because we had just recently met these people. Luke and I weren't even married yet! Anway, we always watch (and I use the word "watch" here very loosely...haha) the super bowl together, and I always bring the cheese dip. It's become something people expect from me now, which I love! Anyway, here are some pics of our party this year. This isn't everyone that was there so sorry if I didn't get a picture of you.
Watching the game: Leslie, Sarah and Melanie (the chili cook-off winner) Carly, Errica, and Leah, sitting around talking (and eating the yummy cheese dip!) And here's something you don't see everyday, men talking in the kitchen! This is Josh, Todd, Matt and Doug. Hmmmm. Maybe they were just taking a snack break! I was a loner this year because I'm pretty sure I was the only one rooting for the saints. WOOHOO! I'm not really a saints fan, they are just the team I picked beforehand because they were the underdogs. We had a chili cook-off this year and actually voted and everything! I also planned a trivia game that had questions about football (they were easy) and super bowl commercials. I even had a bonus round of questions about The Who since they were the halftime show. I think everyone enjoyed this. It was alot of fun. And like I said, we just love our class. They have been with us through all our journeys , bearing our burdens, celebrating our blessings, and praying for us through it all. We praise the Lord for this small body He has brought us!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

"God Must Love Mehaffies......

He's made so many of them..............and He's making another one!!"We hope that you can praise God with us for His blessing. We found out on New Year's Day just after our family vacation to Myrtle Beach. We are very excited! Our due date is September 1st which puts me at about 10 weeks. I'm excited for another journey in pregnancy. Many of know how much I loved being pregnant. The only thing I'm gonna say about cravings and things is KOOL-AID!!! CHERRY KOOL-AID!!! That's all I've been wanting to drink. I feel like a kid again. Anywho, Isaac's gonna be a big brother!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010

Okay so it wasn't a blizzard but we only get snow about once a year here in NC so any snow is very exciting and the whole city shuts down. We camped in for three straight days. Here's our beautiful snowy house! We watched movies, played video games, played ALOT of Scrabble, and had lots of family cuddle time on the couch. LOVE IT! It was different this year with a house. Not in the sense that it was more work or anything, just in the sense that OUR yard was beautiful and we went sledding on OUR little hill in OUR back yard. Just more fun and appreciative of God's goodness to us. Here are some videos and pictures from our family snow day.The first one is of Isaac going down our tiny little hill in the backyard. He was so so so funny. He had no reaction and it was the same as if he was sitting on the couch. Then came Missy. She was just afraid the whole time. But of course I was laughing my head off.

Here's Isaac all bundled up and completely stunted. He just stood and stared. He didn't even want to walk around. Poor little guy with his rosey little cheekies. And the MissyGirl, looking so "in the wild" in our backyard. Here's Luke showing Isaac a block of snow. Just after the picture he took alittle taste and cringed because of the cold, the swatted at it. Too cute. And finally, my family in shadows on the snow. It was a great long and lazy weekend. I did do some great crafting though. Check it out at my craft blog Something Wonderful!

"_____ is a..."

So, after reading my sister in law's (Alinna is a part of the queen's ladies) post I attempted it myself. It, being googled: "Luke is a". And yes, the quotations were part of the google search. Here are my top 10 hits:

Luke is a1967 American drama film
Luke is a historian of the first rank
Luke is a handy development and diagnostic tool
Luke is a dumbass
Luke is a leader in nursing excellence
Luke is a feisty, talented thirteen-year-old from small town GA
Luke is a painter in words
Luke is a cowboy in the wild west who travels around delivering justice wherever he goes, accompanied by this faithful companion, Jolly Jumper
Luke is a Jedi Master (from wookieepedia)
Luke is a fully developed fish look at his gills when he ses ‘no that not true, that’s impossible

Amusing and accurate.

Here is Rockie:

Rockie is a skilled lyricist and MC who has roots in classic hip hop
Rockie is a true artist in every sense of the word
Rockie is a kind-hearted black bear with a tender smile
Rockie is a young up coming artist, give him his respect for taking his craft seriously and making a serious effort
Rockie is a 12 year adventure about a black labrador retriever and his master Dave
Rockie is a nice little neighborhood place with great frozen yogurt
Rockie is a private company categorized under Bible Camps
Rockie is a 3 yr old male Moluccan Cockatoo
Rockie is a sweet little guy
Rockie is a gentle horse with an amazing color that I met at my friends Jennifer's parent's ranch

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Boy Gets a Cut

A haircut that is. Luke and I were trying to hold out as long as we could. But the hair around his ears was really long and always made him look sloppy. The hair in the back was so long that I had to brush his hair out of the way just to put his bib on. The front hasn't caught up! So we did it. Luke was in charge of entertaining and distracting while I had the task of cutting. Here I am making the first cut. (don't you love how Isaac is talking on his phone!)We wanted to keep a little bundle of it b/c Luke and I both have hair saved from our first haircuts. You can kinda see how different and big boy-ish he looks already with the hair around his ears gone. Though, he doesn't look too excited. It's because he knew that I had messed up on the first cut. Oops! But hey, at least it's a perfectly straight line right! We just laughed and laughed, and still are laughing when we see this side of his haircut. I'm not taking it too seriously though because, I mean really, he doesn't care, and I don't think anyone else will be making any bad comments on poor Isaac's bad haircut. And, I messed up just as badly when I cut Luke's hair for the first time. I even made him bleed with the clippers. So, I think I'll get better and better at it. My little boy looks like such a big boy now. Oh we just can't stand it!!!!!!!!!