Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Visit

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Rob and Sara came to visit yesterday. We hadn't seen them in a while and they wanted to come see our new house! It was so great catching up with them. They were the first out of town guests that we have had. Luke grilled out some burgers for lunch and then they treated us to some Cold Stone Ice Cream later. Yum! Thanks for visiting Rob and Sara!

A Whole Lotta Happy!

That's what we had at this year's NC state fair!!! And that was the theme. LOVE IT! It's one of those things that marks the start of our favorite time of year. The weather gets cool, the leaves start to change, and the fair; we go every year! So much fun. We went with Daniel and Alinna this year. It was my first time going during the day. The last time we went was two years ago and there were two significant little people who weren't even in our thoughts then. Life changes so quickly. Here are just a few pics from our trip:

Go ECU! Woo! I like to sport my alma mater when we go to the fair. Even Isaac has an ECU shirt on! Except, Luke still won't admit in public that he went there. He doesn't even own an ECU shirt. Worst of all, he's wearing a carolina blue shirt ! Some Pirate pride he has :)Isaac tried some roasted corn. MMmmm.....And a corn dog. Double mmmm. Don't worry, the ONE bite he had of each were small.

Next year, Isaac will appreciate the animals and stuff alot more than this year. We love the fair!!

Mountain Trip

There's just too much to post so instead, I'm going to put one picture per event that has happened in the recent weeks. Here's a picture of our mountain trip. Drew and Jamie Watkins, and Patrick and Anna Watkins were also there.

Oh how I wish I could show you all the pictures. We took over 500 pictures while we were there. The weather was cold, but that's how we LOVE it. The fall foliage was just breathtaking. Mt. Jefferson even had snow at the top of it and when we hiked it the next day, we got to throw mini snowballs at each other. The house we stayed in was AMAZING! It had a beautiful mountain view and a rushing river behind it. We had a really great time. Thanks to Anna's aunt who let us stay in her house. Hope we can do it again!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Justice League FOREVER!!!

Our favorite super hero's/ comics are DC Comics, of course. Some of you know the college roots that this takes in our lives. Well, of course we're not going to leave Isaac out of that. So, though we haven't picked a character for him yet, I did find this super awesome t-shirt for him!I like how daddy's favorite character, The Flash, is right in front. Mine, Wonder Woman is right behind Batman! LOVE IT!

We took a mountain trip this past weekend with our supper club. If i can get my act together, maybe I'll post some pics soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holidays Fit For the King!

This is one of my favorite women's events that Providence puts on each year. This year, it will be on November 7th from 845-noon. Click here to learn more about the event, the workshops and to register. I've also put links below for slideshows of this events the past few years.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, October 9, 2009


This blog is long overdue. The weekend of Sept. 25, Luke and I went on our staycation. We took the long long 30 minute :) drive to Durham. We had a gift card and coupon for the new Ruth's Chris that had just recently opened. So we decided to make an event out of it and stay in a hotel one night. What fun! This is the only picture we got of the weekend. It was right after dinner. Isn't Luke so handsome?!?Ruth's Chris was AMAZING as always. That steak is so delicious! Over dinner, we talked about our marriage; how the past year has been and what we want the next year to look like. We have a book called "Beneath the Surface". It has a series of questions to ask each other. This has also become part of our anniversary traditions. They are really good questions and really help us talk things out and set good goals. I've decided to post them here on our blog so that they can be an encouragement to you as well.
Every husband should ask his wife:
  • Do you know that I truly love you, and do I make it obvious? If not, what can I do to improve that?
  • Do you feel that I express my love to you enough in front of the children so there's no question in their mind of my love for you? If not, how can I improve it?
  • Am I treating you as the most important person on earth to me? What could increase that feeling in you?
  • I promised to cherish you. Do you feel that way, and what could I do to strengthen that?
  • What is your greatest concern about our family, and have you felt free to express it to me?If you've expressed it, have I listened?
  • Do you feel that I'm helping you fulfill your God-given potential? How can I improve that?
  • Am I doing anything that would ever lead you to be tempted to compromise in any area? If so, what could I do to change?
  • Would you tell me your most significant dreams about the future?
Every wife should ask her husband:
  • Am I doing enough to make you feel adequate in our relationship and assuring you that I see you that way?
  • I know that it's important for you to feel honored and affirmed. Do I make you feel that way, and what can I do to improve?
  • How can I help you best succeed at your work as you provide for the needs of our family?
  • Do you feel that I know and understand what your greatest dreams are for the future?
  • What could I do better to support your leadership in our family?
  • Am I doing anything that would ever lead you to be tempted to compromise in any area? If so, what could I do to change?
Here are some questions to share together:
  • How do you feel we're doing in expressing our won personal faith as a living reality in front of our kids?
  • Are we sometimes allowing our children to play one of us against the other, and if so, what adjustments do we need to make to avoid that?
  • Are we praying for our children's future and for the mates God is preparing for them?
  • Do our children understand that our marriage relationship is the priority in our family?
  • How are we each doing individually and together as a couple on building our spiritual lives?
  • Is the atmosphere of our home one that is filled with joy and expectation? If not, what adjustments need to be made?
  • What are we doing together to make sure that we are growing together, as opposed to growing apart?
These questions really allow us to be open and honest with one another about how we're feeling and in a safe atmosphere. After dinner we came back to the hotel room and continued in our anniversary traditions of singing our wedding hymns together and saying our vows to each other again. It's always so good for us to remind ourselves of the promises that we made to each other that day.

On Saturday, we walked all around downtown Durham in the warehouse district and the entertainment district. It was pretty cloudy and drizzly so no one was out but we still had a really great time. We also went to a craft fair which I think was more fun for me than for Luke but I told him that he spoke so much love to me by going and being interested in things I knew deep down he didn't care about :) Saturday night we came back home and got ready for church the next day. I'm sure you're all wondering, where was Isaac during all this. Well he spent the whole weekend with his Mutee. Friday night to Sunday afternoon we were childless and it was great. But by Sunday morning, we were really missing him and were excited to see him again.

What a fun weekend. Stay-cations may just be our new anniversary tradition. It'll be easier once our family gets bigger and you just can't beat the pr

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please Keep Checking

I know I've been super slack in posting which is very unlike. Life is a little crazy right now, but I'm loving every minute of it.

I promise to have pictures up of our house very soon. just want to get it a little more cleaned up. Thanks for checking back though.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Mom Does My Hair

"I'm 10 months old today! My mom did my hair all special in honor of my special day! Don't you love it!"