Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Pool Day!

We were so very excited that Luke took an extra day off this weekend. Four straight days as a family! On Luke's last day of vacation, he decided that we would go to the pool! Our first pool day of the summer and it was completely awesome! 
Isaac running and Simon's watching!

Oh my adorable Simon!

Then Simon decided to go through too!

After a few slip in the baby deep side, we needed to put this awesome thing on him. So funny!

He loved with water.
Don't you love my little sneaky one in the back. HA!
It was such a fun fun day. We have had a great time vacationing in town together, being with family, and hanging out with great friends. Now it's just back to normal, if we could just get over daddy detox  :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Reunion

On Monday, some friends from ECU hosted a little cookout for all the ECU Crusade Alumni. We get together about every other year. It was fun seeing everyone again. And boy have our numbers multiplied!! I had the camera around my neck most of the time and still only managed to get 2 pictures. Shame on me :)

I also meant to get a picture of just the kids but I forgot. There were about 15. WOW! It was a fun time! I wonder how many more kids there will be next time we get together.

Memorial Day Weekend Boat Adventure

On Sunday, our good friends. Josh and Bianca invited us out on their boat. What a fun FUN time we had with them! It was the most fun that we have had in a long time!
Simon ready to not drown :)
A little swim. The water was nice and Isaac was so brave!

Captain for a minute

Isaac and Simon were so brave on the tube and yet were very mellow. Screaming on the inside!

But not me, I was screaming and laughing on the outside!!!

Love these little friends

I love Isaac's little face.

Trying out wake's harder than you think.
I  love my family!

 Even though we were still "in town", it felt like we were a million miles away. And boy did we need a break. We were very thankful for being with such great and like-minded friends.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Greensboro

We have been so looking forward to this weekend! We knew there was lots of fun in store and so far, it is proving to be as fun if not more fun as we anticipated.

Saturday, we went to Greensboro to visit my sister. She bought a new house and we are so proud of her!!! I didn't get a lot of pictures because my memory card got full. I can't believe I didn't empty it before we went. Oh well, here's what we got.

My nephew Malikhi. I can't believe how tall he is and that's he's turning 13 in a few months.

My sister and I in front of her new house!

Kelis, Luke and Zhayla making water balloons!

Suzie has a huge yard !

Simon "helping" with the water balloons.

This water balloon had a tiny hole in it and every time it hit Simon in the face, he laughed. It was cute! 

Can't wait to tell you about day 2 and day 3 I know is going to be fun!

Soccer School

That's what Isaac likes to call it! Two weeks ago, Isaac started his soccer classes with Parks & Rec. What an exciting yet sad day for us. Our little guys is growing up, sniff sniff. 

Here his is, all dressed up and ready to go. 

This one just gets me right in my little heart. look at that face!!!

 These were the only pictures I could take. The coach said that pictures weren't allowed because of the other kids. BOO!! So I didn't get any pics of him with the ball.
Isaac doing his stretches. Daddy helped a bit.

Listening carefully for instructions.
Run to the blue line!
Read to run the other way.

We are very proud of Isaac. He is so obedient and calm. Although, he gets caught in his observe mode very often and needs a little pulling in. Next month he starts Tball!! we're really looking forward to that!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Super Dad at the "Fairy"grounds

I had a long awaited haircut yesterday so Luke decided to take the boys the NC Agricultural days at the fairgrounds on his own.  I hated to miss it but was glad for a few hours, totally alone. And I was so so glad for Luke to have to time with just the boys! Sweet boy! Here are a few pictures taken by Luke of the day. 

 A little Bojangle's lunch afterwards.

If you ask Isaac was he did he will tell you "we went to the fairy-grounds with daddy and to bone-jangles because he didn't go to work today. I'm happy that he didn't go to work today. I'm happy about that!" Sweet Boy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Baseball Surprise

It's been a baseball day. And my boys LOVE baseball. First we got so lucky (God's sweet gift) and scored these play baseball helmets for FREE!!! Durham Bulls and Carolina Mudcats! I couldn't believe it! As soon as we walked in the door at home, Isaac ran straight back out to the backyard to play some baseball! 
Then, since Luke was having a super long day today, we met up for a quick dinner. I spontaneously decided to the boys to Baileywick park. I didn't know however, that the Raleigh Little League Rec teams were having a baseball game! What a special surprise!!! Praise God for this special blessing to pass the evening away after a :)

They both just sat and watched. Except Simon, he stood up and clapped and cheered whenever someone else would. He's my "screamer on the outside".

What a fun evening! The only thing missing was....daddy. And just wait until I start posting pictures of my not-so-little IsaacBoy playing T-ball! sigh.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Here are some pictures from our fun day of strawberry picking. I had never been to Page Farms  before but it came recommended by many mommy friends of mine. And they were right, it was great! Grams and Ruby were also able to join us. We packed lunches and made a "day" out of it ! And by "day" I mean, until nap time :)

Got our buckets and ready to go!
The sweetest strawberry I've ever had :)
Ruby girl
This is literally what Simon did the whole time!! Even if it was yellow, he'd eat it.

Isaac did such a good job and was totally focused. He filled half a bucket by himself!
Our bounty!!! I only took one of them home.
After we finished picking, we went to the play ground area to play and have a little "pic-mic" as Isaac likes to call it! 
Simon was HILARIOUS on the slide. He slid down snail slow...SO SLOW and he just sat there.
Ruby, on the other hand, didn't like how slow she was going and propelled herself down! Equally hilarious!
 It was a fun day. I can't say that I made anything spectacular with the strawberries, I mostly just grazed over them all day, everyday until they were gone. Yummy!