Monday, August 31, 2009

Hendersons in NC

Brian, Rachel, Abby and Leah (in womb) Henderson came for their yearly visit to NC. They are old ECU friends. We love when they come to visit. It always turns into a reunion! Here are some of our friends that were at the cookout this past Saturday:

Left to Right: Chris, Robson, Colin & Lauren Turner, Elizabeth, Tate (in womb), Radez & Logan, Becca and Jason Redmond, Me, the boy, & Luke, Abby, brian, Rachel & Leah Henderson. Dave, Beth and Jacob Stambaugh and Bryan White were also there but left before we took, the picture.

Here's a picture of the 6 of us.
We all had a great time and were in complete amazement the whole time with all our kids running around. I mean, we were all on summer project together and now we're all grown up with kids. Praise God that we're all still friends and all still walking with the Lord!
I just like this one of Isaac just resting his arm on daddy's head!

A great time was had by all!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waiting to Get Lucky!

Which she usually does get lucky! Who needs a floor mat when you've got a MissyGirl!

And this one just because he's so cute!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meeting Finn

Meet Finn Corson. Isn't that a great name?! He was born August 11, same as my sister! He was 2 1/2 weeks early but thankfully very healthy. HE IS SUCH A CUTIE!!! And that's Luke's big ol hand so you can see how little Finn is.

While we were there, Mike was also teaching Isaac how to play the guitar!Welcome to the world Finn!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Supper Club

Last Saturday, we went to our first official supper club! Of course, I forgot my camera! It was alot of fun. It's made up of the Mehaffies and the Watkins, and another couple, the Richardsons. It's neat because the wives are the newcomers to the group as the husbands all grew up together here in Raleigh. The Mehaffies have kids, the Watkins don't and the Richardsons just got married. So we're all in different stages of life. We are so looking forward to continuing this tradition for a long time having all our kids play together he same way all the husbands used to play together.

What I do have pictures of, however, is the salad that I took. It came from my handy dandy Family Circle Magazine. (I'm seriously gonna ask for this subscription every Christmas and birthday!) It's called a BLT Salad.It was really fun and easy to make and everyone said it was really yummy. I only modified to parts: 1) I added avocados, just because they are so yummy and 2) they actually called for Miracle Whip to be lathered on between each layer. I left it out b/c it sounded pretty gross to me and I wasfairly certain that everyone else would think so too. So I just took a separate bottle of Ranch Dressing!

I'm excited to have Supper Club in our new house in October!

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a Sad Mehaffie Day

Our sweet CallieGirl has past away. She has been a Mehaffie for 16 years and quite possibly the best dog we've ever known. We are all so sad that she had to leave us.
Goodbye CallieGirl. I'm glad you got to play with Isaac for alittle while. We will miss you!

Guess Who Came for Dinner?!?!

Justin!!!! He's a long time friend from ECU. We haven't seen him since our wedding day. He's on Staff with Campus Crusade, worked at Marshall for a few years, spent the last yeat on STINT in Slovokia and is now living in Raleigh! We are so super excited to have him so near to us. We had a great dinner just catching up, then he showed us pictures from his trip. And we ended the night watching the newest Green Lantern movie. That's who he was in the Justice League! We had such an great time. His girlfriend Kai couldn't come last night but we're excited to meet her next time. Welcome to Raleigh Justin!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He's On the Move!

This posting is long overdue. My little IsaacBoy is CRAWLING!!! This video was taken the last day in July so it's a little old. He's alot better at it now, and alot faster at it!

Life has changed more than ever now! But we are excited to see him learning and growing seeing him so excited about all the new things that he can do! Not so excited, however, when we find him in Missy's bed!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Date Nights are Back!

Thanks Catherine for babysitting for us. We had a gift card to Simpson's. This is a very fancy steakhouse and it was yummy! And it was right across the street and we had no idea. So we got all dolled up!!! (These next pics aren't that great because they were taken with my cell phone.) I ordered the filet and salmon!! Why not go all out when you've got a gift card!! At the end of the meal, Mr. Simpson himself brought some pretty yellow roses to me. Apparently this is a restaurant tradition that he does for all the ladies!! It was very nice! After dinner, I put my flip flops on and we went to a movie. It was so nice to get out together, and to such a nice place too!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009