Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poor Baby

Isaac has his first cold. He has a bad cough, you can hear all the gunk in there. And his nose is running into his mouth. He sounds horrible when he's nursing or has his pap-pap. You can hear all the junk in there too. And when he sneezes, he get wiped out. His eyes are all puffy and watery. I just hope and pray that it doesn't turn into an ear infection. and I got a bad chest cold too. I'm frustrated! Just have to wait it out for both of us.

Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd Annual Stevens Lifeclass Beach Retreat

What a fun time we had but what a difference from last year to this year. Last year we had just found out we were pregnant, hadn't told anyone, and I was microwaving the deli meat on sandwich day. This year, our baggage about tripled and we had our beautiful son to enjoy the weekend with. It was all very different. Definetly one on those weekends when you realize just how different life is with a child. On our way down, we quickly stopped in downtown wilmington to feed Isaac. It was right off the highway so we didn't sidetrack off too much. That was fun except for all the little bugs that were biting us. We got to Oak Island thursday at about 7ish. We immediately went to the beach and found huge piping and tractor trails in the sand. They were pumping sand from the ocean onto the beach to help with the erosion. Luckily, they were all done and the pipes were gone by saturday. We loved that nothing was structured and we had the freedom to come and go as we please. I was alittle scared that I would be a prisoner in the house with Isaac having to eat and sleep but God was so gracious. Mostly because Luke doesn't love just laying on the beach like I do. So he more than willingly volunteered to stay inside with Isaac while I was out. Don't think he missed out though. I came in one day to feed Isaac and found them both sleeping on the bed. Then we ate, played for a little, I went back out. A few hours later, I found them both sleeping again!!! Luke was loving all the nap time and buddy buddy time he was getting with Isaac and I was loving all the beach time that I was getting. Isaac wasn't too crazy about the beach or the sand but it was fun getting him out there to try something new! Hopefully next year, he'll like it alittle more! Saturday night was dinner out on the town. We traveled about 20 min. to southport. the restrauant was a little shack of a place but sooooo good and it was right on the water. After that, we went as a group to a square type place right on the water where there was a bif lawn, swings, and a pier. It was such a beautiful day. Gosh, we just didn't want the weekend to end.

On the way home, we stopped in Wilmington again for lunch and just to walk around. I had never walked around downtown Wilmington. It was so cute and just wonderful family time. Especially because we ate Kilwan's Ice Cream, our favorite ice cream of all time!!!!! I put a slide show below of all our fun! Sorry some of the pictures repeat!

Now that we're home, it seems like it didn't even happen, like it was a dream. and I've got the daunting task of unpacking and poor Luke has to go back to work. Luckily, I've got the tan (and some sunburn) to remind me that it was not a dream at all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Missy to Pose

Everyone keeps asking how we got Missy to pose for our Spring pictures. The answer is, we didn't! What you all didn't see is the hundred other pictures of Missy walking off and looking off, and us grabbing her and making her sit. There were maybe three total that she was ACTUALLY just sitting still. And the same goes with Isaac. There were a total of 300 pictures we took of which you only saw those few!

Whole Woman Weekend

My sister and her kids came in from Greensboro so that we could attend Whole Woman Day together! Meanwhile, Luke was in charge of all four kids by himself. Luke was great and I think they all had a great time. I don't have any pics of my sister and I but Luke did get some at Monkey Joe's where he took them on Saturday!
Suzie and I had a great time learning about God in our family and friends! And boy do we think carefully about the size family that we want when they come to town!!! I don't know how Suzie does it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and Isaac

I think I've said before how I just love Easter. It's just like Christmas. Easter has a little extra special-ness now because Easter last year is when we found out that we were pregnant with IsaacBoy! What a joy! Isaac really liked his first ever Easter basket from Mutee and grampa! This is one of the outfits that was in it. I spent weeks looking for an Easter outfit for Isaac. I quickly came to the realization that there is NOTHING for boys. Go into a store and you'll cute little dresses for miles and miles but nothing for boys. So Mutee came to the rescue again. Look at my little man!! These pics were actually post Easter because as soon as church ended, he pooped himself and needed another outfit. "Isaac... he's SO hot right now!" Isn't he so GQ!And finally, another present from grampa. They actually got this for Isaac before he was born. Luke kept saying "aw you da eastho bunny?" And we all just died

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Photo Shoot

There is a tiny little park area in our apartments with a big hydrangea bush that I wait for every spring. So we got all dressed up, brought our tripod and went to take some pics. One of my favs is at the very top. Here are a few others.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shelly's Baby Shower

Mark and Shelly in our Sunday School Class are having their baby soon and I attended a shower for her this past weekend. It was the most awesomely decorated shower I have ever been to andyou'll see why in the pics! Here's Shelly looking as cute as ever all preggy. She makes me miss being pregnant!
And here are the awesome decorations! She took the "shower" theme literally and it was all so pretty with umbrellas and rainboots everywhere!

Seder Dinner

On Thursday (which was actually Passover), we got to enjoy a seder dinner with my Bible Study. We did this last year and were excited to do it again. It was great to remember how Christ is our Passover Lamb and neat to think that this is what Christ was doing at the Last Supper. It's part of our biblical heritage. Here are some pictures of the evening. Here we are enjoying our matza bread:This man lead us through the dinner. He is a messianic Jew and talked about how he grew up celebrating his jewish culture while also celebrating what Christ did on the cross. Here is the beautiful table setting with things like parsley, karoset, horseradish, grape juice and matza bread, each symbolizing an aspect of rememberance for when the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. The Lattas were also at our table. We love hanging out with them and it was fun sitting with them and laughing everytime we ate or drank earlier than we were supposed to! If you ever have a chance to go to a seder, don't hesitate to go! It's an awesome time of reflection before Easter.

Let's Dress Alike Daddy!

Aren't they cute!

Welcome Baby Clara

It's been about a week now that she was born. We had a great time visiting with them. And doesn't Meg look amazing!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cracker Barrel.....mmmm.

As most of you know, Rockie and I are eaters. We eat. We eat food. We love to eat food. I love to eat a lot of good food. On Monday night, we had some leftover gift card mulah from Rockie's Birthday present (thanks aunt marilyn) so we went on a family date night! Most of the menu items from Crack Barr are luring and tempting, but sometimes I end up wondering "what if"...(I had ordered the roast beef?). Not this time. Rockie pointed out this meal and I didn't second guess. I read the description and put my menu down. I was sold. I will order it again. Oh, yes.
"Chicken tenderloin mixed with broccoli and layered over a bed of our own signature hashbrown casserole covered with Ritz® Cracker crumbs. It's all baked to a golden brown and then topped with a Cheddar Cheese sauce. Comes with your favorite country vegetable or a side salad plus two corn muffins or our buttermilk biscuits and real (creamery) butter."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Picture Update

I'm so behind again! So here's another update with pics!
Miss Saigon with the Harrell'sLuke rides his bike to work on a beautiful dayIsaac loves to laugh at MissyIsaac eats bananas for the first timeAnd likes it! Isaac getting better at his Johnny Jump up!And a few of my latest projects! A flower ball made out of the flowers I had in my bouquet for my bridal portraits. A Bible cover for my small Bible. And a picture book of family that Isaac won't see often (I haven't put all the pics in it yet).

We also had the Raleigh Gardens Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend but of course forgot our camera. I just love seeing those kids so excited! We then celebrated Palm Sunday at church Sunday night. Luke and I look forward to Easter the same way we look forward to Christmas. In the same way we're excited that Christ was born, how much more excitement is there that the tomb is empty! We are excited to bring Isaac into our Easter devotions this week and teach him as he grows, the sacrifice that Christ made!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tickle Me Isaac

I love when he REALLY gets tickled like this! For you non-Spanish speakers (like me) "Aye-vah-lar-an-ya" means "here comes the spider!" Isaac goes in for his 4 month shots today. Rockie and I are excited to talk about what kind of solid foods he can start eating as well as other growth progressions and changes in routine. Babies grow so FAST!!! I sometimes wonder if Isaac likes Rockie more than he likes me...she ALWAYS makes him laugh! He just sort of stares at my faces...maybe I scare him. I'm sure he won't recognize me now, cuz I just shaved me beard...yarrr.