Friday, June 27, 2008

More Pictures of our Son

We are still celebrating and reveling in getting to see our baby and finding out we are having a son!!! We are so humbled by God's goodness to us and the miracle of life that He is creating. And boy is that ultrasound machine AMAZING!! We had no idea it could do the things that it was doing. Our little guy looks really great and is measuring right on schedule. They don't change your due date this far into it, but mine only changed by one day anyway. We cannot believe that we are having a son!!!! Here he is!

This is our favortie picture of him!! Look at that little nose!!!!!

And here's his face, full frontal. Naturally you wanna say "aawwwww", but really we are like "oh, scary face". Looks like those scary alien faces I have nightmares about! But okay......"awwwww".And his little foot. If he's anything like his daddy, that little foot will grow to be the size of a boat! That's what I call Luke gigantic shoes that I always stub my little toes on!

And of course....the money shot. His little hoo-hoo-dilly-dingy!!!! HaHa! They even put a little arrow by it so there's no confusing it with all the other white blobs of stuff.

He liked to sit cris-cross apple sauce the whole time and that was the funniest part for me. She had me roll to the right, then roll to the left, then stretch my legs out. When that didn't work, she just stabbed me and poked me until he opened up a little. Ahhh, a boy!!!!!! Just like Luke said, thanks for praising God with us!!! He has truly "satisfied our desires with good things"!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet Our Son...Blank Blank Mehaffie

Rockie and I are SO excited to have a baby boy growing inside of Rockie's tumtum! God has given us a son, but He has also given us a Son already and that is such an overshadowing blessing to the one we received today in our ultrasound appointment. Here is a 4-5 min long video clip showing the highlights:

It is so cool to see the little spine and arms move. I keep trying to picture myself saying to him one day, "I SAW you inside your MAMA, and you waved at us." What a blank slate that is sitting in front of his life...what does God have in store for him and for us? I wonder what characteristics he will have physically, spiritually, personalitilly...we are overjoyed to play such an agent in his little Mehaffie life. Thank you for praising the Lord with us!

Thanks also for suggesting any boy names in the comment section of this post, b/c Rockie and I have a few, but are still "thinking".

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New and Fast Friends!

This is Ben and Tiffany Stilings. They are our neighbors right across the breezeway. We have had them over to dinner many times but always forgot to take our traditional big red chair picture until yesterday. We met Ben last year when he was moving in, before they were married and he asked us for a hammer. Since then, we have hung out alot with them. Tiffany is quickly becoming a heart friend of mine. We are both exactly the same in that we are instant friends with everyone. Whenever we see eachother outside, it always turns into hour long conversations in one of our homes. The best part about hanging out with them is the travel time....less than one second, and we can even go barefoot! Ben is super duper tall. Yesterday when they were over for dinner, I tried to reach the noodles but Luke had scoot them way back on the top shelf. Where I would normally need to pull out my step stool to reach it, he actually had to squat under the door pane to be able to see and grab it for me. Super tall! It's awesome how the Lord sovereignly allowed us to meet. Tiff has been such a spiritual encouragement to me and it's great to have such strong believers living so near to us. Luke compares it to living in a dorm where you just pass by the door and ask, "hey, you wanna go to dinner?" We are truly enjoying our friendship with them.

On a separate note: Tomorrow's our big day. Our appointment is at 9:30am so keep us in your prayers. We let you know what the big results are!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Baby Tornado

I'm calling it the baby tornado even though there's no baby yet. Those with children probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Our house is in disarray! Why? Well, trying to get ready for baby of course. We are having to purge of alot our things in order to make more room. In the end, I'm sure it'll all be worth it, but right now......I'm going out of my mind!!!!! This is what my house looks like right now (but you have to promise not to judge, HaHa!)

This is our current guest bed and future nursery. That bed and bookshelf and piano will be out soon. But like I always say..... OUT OF CONTROL!

And the worst of all, our entry way. It's filled with craigslist stuff to sell. This makes me the most crazy because as soon as I open the door, tired from work, I see it and am utterly stressed out. But the good news is, about half of it is gone now.

Anywho, like I said, I know that in the end, it'll all be worth it and peaceful. Today was a great blessing because Luke was home all day and was able to get alot of our stuff up on craigslist. We've already sold about 50% of our stuff and made a little extra cash. Praise the Lord. I'm already starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. WooHoo!!! I can't wait until our baby come, but I can wait because we have got to get our house in order.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Week!

My sweet mother-in-law says, as she tries to get us to convert to facebook, that I don't update daily on our blog the way you can on facebook. So, because she's in California, here's what I did everyday so far this week.

Monday: Went to work for another utterly horrible day at summer camp. These kids have to be the least self-controlled I've ever worked with. It was very hard. As soon as I got home, I got to work making some Guacamole for our Bible Study taco night. Then I went to Bible Study and it was great to fellowship with them all but unfortunately, because of other work, I couldn't stay for the lesson part of it. I didn't get to see Luke until it was bedtime.

Tuesday: Work was out of control again! I can't wait until summer camp is over! Preschool is so much easier. So anyway, the best part of the day was hearing our little baby's heartbeat. I love love love it. Luke didn't come with me this time which is fine, but I wish he could hear our little baby heart. I cried, as think I will each time I get to hear it. I just can't believe that God is creating life inside me. So amazing. Then, we got to have a wonderful dinner date with our great friends Josh and Meg Blinson and their sweet little Gabrielle. I didn't want to put her down all night. We stayed up late with them playing, talking and fellowshipping. We are so blessed to have friends like them.

Today: Nothing exciting at all. Work was crazy again and just drains me so quickly. I only got to see Luke for about 15 minutes before he was out the door again for his a capella rehearsal; his last one by the way. Our house is in utter disarray trying to purge of things and get ready for baby, but unfortunatly because of all the paper work I have to do tonight, I won't be able to clean up a bit of it. That's what tommorrow is for.

So yeah, that is that. Enough of this blogging so that I can get to my never ending paperwork. Please pray for me.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mutee Comes for Dinner

Luke's mom is leaving for Summer Project in California tommorrow so we wanted to have her over for dinner before she left. We just love having her here. I made something really simple, chicken and Mascrapone sauce (it's actually Vodka Sauce). After dinner, we decided to try out the old wives tale of hanging my wedding band on a string over my belly. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy, and if it swings in a circle, it's a girl! Here we are trying it out. We, sadly, didn't get any "readings". So much for old wives tales. Mute says that maybe it's too soon to tell with the ring. Here's a picture of Mom showing us the wonderful world of Facebook, which we have sworn off. Good try mom, but we are NOT becoming Facebookers! Then for dessert, she treated us to some Goodberry's Custard! MMMMMMMM! Goodberry's just has that good ole family summer time fun feeling to it. There were lots of people and lots of kids just playing around. It was a fun night just to hang out with her. Goodbye Mutee! See you in one month!

I Love Beach Music!

You have to sing the song as you read the title!! This post is a few weeks old! Every Thursday from April - July, they have beach music at North Hills on Thursday nights. I love that kind of stuff so I asked Luke to take me on a date there and he did....and he liked it.....ALOT!!!! Here are some pics from our fun date! Here's the band rockin' it out! There were alot more people there than I anticipated ready with their beers and their beach chairs! And we even saw the Danforths there!After listening and watching people dance for a little while, we grabbed dinner at:It's an old fashioned burger place and it was yummy! It felt like a good summer day!
Then we saw this mammoth dog! He was huge but really timid. He was just like "The Beast" from The Sandlot. Here's a quote: "the beast is a giant gorilla dog thing!" We love that movie.

We had such a blast. I was gonna go again with a girlfriend but this past Thursday was the day that smoke filled day and it was hard to breathe. What a wonderful date night with my wonderful husband. For those of you who know me really well, you won't be surprised to know that I, of course, started to cry as soon as I heard the band and saw all the people dancing. I was so glad that I was experiencing this moment! Say it again: I LOVE BEACH MUSIC!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend with the Barclay's!

This weekend we went to Greenville to see our great friends, Scott & Kelly Barclay and little Ella on the way! We love them alot and love to spend time with them. Kelly is due on July 7th and she's doing great. It was so fun to be with her at 34 weeks with me at 16 weeks. And Luke and I got to feel little Ella wiggle around. I loved seeing Luke's sweet excited face!We had alot of pregnancy and parenting talks. It's so weird to think about us all as college kids and now we're having kids. Kelly and I went garage sale-ing and I got some really great finds and only spent about 5 bucks!!! Other than that, we spent most of our time inside since it was about 100 degrees in Greenville. Ugh, I hate summer. Winter where are you? Come back to me!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Friends and Baseball

We were so glad to be able to have a weekend home to just be and relax after having such a busy past few weekends. After we got back from the wedding, we had the Blinson's over for dinner, and of course, we sat them on our big red chair! They have little Gabrielle and she is such a cutey. She just stared and stared at MissyGirl.

And Missy just stared right back. I think it's good for Missy to be around babies more recently, she really is calming down. We hope this will help when our little one comes! We had a great time with us just talking and hanging out.

Then on Saturday, the Watkins family invited us for a Durham Bulls game. We love hanging out with them. They are like family to us! Here we are at the game (except for Luke b/c he's taking the pic).

The game started late because of the thunder and lightening. By the 7 inning, we were down by 7 runs and it was 10 o'clock. Needless to say, we didn't stay. It sure was a summer night though: no breeze and super sticky and humid. Here we are at the game:Thanks again, Watkins family for a fun night! And for all, even if you don't like baseball, being at the game is super fun and very family friendly. Luke and I are getting into the habit asking ourselves, what would today be like with a baby? The only thing that would've changed last night is that we would've taken our own car and left alot earlier. Can't wait for our baby to get here!!!!!