Monday, September 10, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame....One Last Time

I promise this is the last baseball game post you'll see until next summer! 

On the last day of August, we decided to end our summer with one more trip to a ball game. This game included fireworks and friends. The Mudcats lost (again) but it was still a really fun night. The only thing missing was a nice cool breeze.

 Our dear friend JJ. He was Luke's college roomie one year and we've all been friends through thick and thin for many years now. That's his daughter Sadie. (Mom Shelley and littlest one Chloe stayed at home)
 We splurged this time and bought a raspa! (Spanish for snow cone). That little boy in blue is his son Dakota. These kids were like bees swarming wherever the raspa went :)
 It was a humid night which means the boys, and all of us, were really sweaty.
 Then they started making silly faces.
 Simon's the little copycat.
 This was Dakota's silly face. But I think it's sweet.

 Watching the fireworks.

Oh how we love being a baseball family. Can't wait until next summer!!! I hope there are a lot of good groupon deals like there were this summer.


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