Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday at Simon Speedway

Two weekends ago, we had Simon's birthday party. How can he be two already??? Moreover, how did we already have a three month old when Isaac turned 2?!?!?! Now that's crazy. 

Here's the invite I made for him. I used Jill as major motivation here. It's actually her invite that I copied! The "Simon Speedway" part was totally Luke's idea. I love how creative he can be.
For party favors, I decided to make playdough. My mother-in-law was a huge help here. These baggies looked so so great and colorful!
And here's the mini-cake I made for little simon. It's so cute!!! I made the road with crushed up oreos.
For the party, I used a black plastic table cloth and used masking tape to make a little road. I also underestimated how many to cars we had!

I was excoted to have little car food ideas also. Like little apple cars.
And mac-n-cheesy tires! I used a pasta called dantolini, or something. They were just little circles. cute cute!!
And probably my favorite, Fruity traffic lights. Can you see it!! I had the idea, but my mother-in-law aslo executed this one!!
All the kiddos eating. Something I got really excited about, though i didn't get a picture, is that 4 neighorhood kids came!!! Praise God!
Grace and Simon are only 8 days apart so we also sang for her! It'll be a wedding cake one day :)
Sweet Simon was so good at blowing out his candles.
Happy Birthday Simon! We are so thankful that God chose us to be our parents!!!


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